2013 Student Spotlight

Matthew Meeks

photo of Matthew Meeks(Class of 2015)

"The Miami faculty have been really helpful and instrumental in my learning, in my development as a person and as a student. They really care about you both inside and outside the classroom."

Read what Matthew had to say about how Miami has prepared him for medical school and about his experiences in Patagonia, Argentina.

Sydney Johnson

photo of Sydney Johnson(Class of 2014)

"There's definitely merit in a liberal arts education. You get to explore many different disciplines ... The College of Arts and Science really does give you the opportunity to explore different avenues of what may fit you specifically."

Read what Sydney had to say about her Black World Studies major and her internship in Washington, DC.

Amanda Lawson

photo of Amanda Lawson(Class of 2015)

"The geography class I took last semester was geared toward the media and what I was doing with communication. It's really helpful that liberal arts education helps you to put two and two together."

Read what Amanda had to say about her experiences at Miami and in Haiti.

Arianne Wilt

photo of Arianne Wilt(Class of 2014)

"I picked Miami and it's been great! … With my broader experience in liberal arts education, I'll be able to work outside the box, outside of my comfort zone, instead of being very focused on one particular discipline."

Read what Arianne had to say about her internship in the Phillipines.

Meghan Saunier

photo of Meghan Saunier(Class of 2014)

"I already knew I wanted to be at Miami. I loved the feeling I got when I was here—it was different from other universities I had seen … all my classes have just twenty or thirty students, and all my teachers know my name."

Read what Meghan had to say about her Miami experience and internship.