University Studies

Entering Miami as a University Studies student means having the opportunity and the time to take courses and explore majors across the College of Arts and Science and beyond. Whether you are still looking for your passion or hoping to combine your many interests, you can pursue a number of paths while still satisfying graduation requirements. Along the way, you will discover what is right for you.

Program Opportunities

  • Take courses meeting Global Miami Plan Foundation requirements in any division or major; completing these courses will enable you to complete the basic requirements for your chosen major
  • Feel confident that you'll graduate at the same rate and at the same time as those who enter Miami with a declared major
    • Almost 25% of first-year students entering University Studies are unsure of their major and career plans
    • Approximately 60% of all Miami students change their major at least once
  • If Miami does not have the exact major that you want, then design a unique course of study, drawing from the humanities, sciences, arts, social sciences, and professional programs, as an individualized studies major
  • Move into an optional living learning community with other students who share your interests to explore your academic options or focus on creative project