2012 Alumni Videos

Everything a College Should Be

Jim Heinen (BA Chemistry, Miami, 2003) earned his J.D. at the University of Maryland School of Law in 2006. He is now an Associate in Armstrong Teasdale's Intellectual Property group in St. Louis, MO. In this video Jim talks about why he came to Miami and why he majored in chemistry. [November 2012]

Everything a College Should Be Video Transcript

Still Always Feels Like Home

Howard Hershey (Chemistry major, Miami, 1974) is now Research Director for Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. In this video Howard talks about why he came to Miami and what it's like to return to campus. [October 2012]

Still Always Feels Like Home Video Transcript

Scientist as Businessman

Steve Gilman (Miami, 1975), PhD, is executive vice president of research and development and chief scientific officer of Cubist Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Gilman received his advanced degrees from Pennsylvania State University and has held numerous scientific, business, and academic appointments. Here he talks about how he used his science background to become a businessman. [April 2012]

Scientist as Businessman Video Transcript

Helping the Next Generation

Dr. Richard Blath (Miami, 1968) is Chief of Urology with St. Louis Urological Surgeons at Christian Northeast Medical, St. Louis, MO, and serves on the Mallory-Wilson Center for Healthcare Education Board of Directors. Richard and his wife have endowed the Dr. Richard and Lorry Blath Healthcare Scholarship for premedical students demonstrating academic merit and financial need. [April 2012]

Helping the Next Generation Video Transcript

The Miami I Carry with Me

Whittney Barth (Miami, 2008) graduated magna cum laude with majors in American Studies and Comparative Religion and with a minor in Political Science. Whittney participated in the University Honors Urban Leadership Program (Chicago) and University Honors in Comparative Religion. In 2011 she earned her Master of Divinity from the Harvard Divinity School. In this video she reflects on her Miami experience and talks about what it's like to return to campus. [January 2012]

The Miami I Carry with Me Video Transcript