2014 Alumni Videos

A Proper Fit

Serena Heyse (Miami, 2004) majored in Microbiology. She then moved on to get her PhD in Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry, and Microbiology at the University of Cincinnati in 2011. Her current position is Senior Scientist at Procter & Gamble, where she works on developing novel anti-bacteria technologies. Here Serena talks about how the biological options offered at Miami were the proper fit, as well as about her post-Miami path.
[November 2014]

A Proper Fit Video Transcript

A Really Rewarding Experience

Alex Martishius came to Miami with an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and then completed his Master of Science degree in Statistics in 2014. He is now a Quantitative Analyst at Fifth Third Bank. Here Alex talks about how well Miami prepared him for a successful career.
[October 2014]

A Really Rewarding Experience Video Transcript

Foundation to My Success

Bill Fausey (Miami, 1973) majored in Geology and later obtained a Masters in Geochemistry and Mineralogy from Penn State. Bill worked for Owens Corning's Science and Technology Center in Granville, Ohio for 36 years and retired in April 2014. Here he describes how his undergraduate education laid the foundation for his success.
[October 2014]

Foundation to My Success Video Transcript

A Fantastic Education

Brian Sampsel received his MS in Statistics from Miami in 2003. Brian leads an analytics team for the marketing department of Express, a clothing retailer based in Columbus, Ohio. Previous to that, he did analytic consulting for retailers such as Kroger, Macy's, and Home Depot. Here he describes how he's been able to apply what he learned at Miami in his work.
[October 2014]

A Fantastic Education Video Transcript

The Meaning of Love and Honor

Lisa Werwinski (Miami, 2013) earned her BS in Math Education and her MS in Statistics; she was a star athlete on the university's varsity swimming and diving team and head lifeguard at the Rec Center. Lisa is head diving coach at Loveland High School, aquatics program director at the Wyoming Swim Club, and teaches an online introductory statistics course (STA 261) for Miami. Here she talks about her twin passions: aquatics and statistics.
[July 2014]

The Meaning of Love and Honor Video Transcript

A Phenomenal Experience

Anthony Williams (Miami, 2010) majored in Psychology and then earned his MGS from Miami in 2012. Anthony is a project manager with Otterbein Senior Lifestyle Choices, which is a nonprofit senior housing and healthcare organization based in Lebanon, Ohio. Recently he co-authored, in The Gerontologist, "The Nursing Home Five Star Rating: How Does It Compare to Resident and Family Views of Care?" with Scripps Gerontology Center faculty members Dr. Robert Applebaum and Dr. Jane Straker. This paper was based on his graduate research. Here he describes his work.
[July 2014]

A Phenomenal Experience Video Transcript

Public Service

Mark Cannon (Miami, 1986) majored in Public Administration and was a 1984 recipient of the Harry S. Truman Scholarship for public service leadership. Mark is the chief of staff for the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials International, a group of over 20,000 personnel who run the 911 communication centers across the U.S. Here he talks about how his academic and extracurricular experiences at Miami inspired his decision to work in the public service sector. Read about Mr. Cannon's return to the Miami campus in Miami's October 2014 press release Alumnus Mark Cannon named first Visiting Fellow in Public Leadership.
[May 2014]

Public Service Video Transcript

A Transformative Time

Kathleen Tschantz Unroe (Miami, 1999) majored in Latin Language and Literature. After receiving her undergraduate degree, she went to Ohio State University for a Masters of Health Administration and then spent 6 years at Duke University for internal medicine and geriatrics training. Kathleen is a nursing home geriatrician and assistant research professor of medicine at Indiana University. Here she talks about the liberal arts and professors as mentors at Miami.
[April 2014]


A Transformative Time Video Transcript

Seek and Find

John Woods (Miami, 2007) majored in Political Science. John was Secretary for Diversity Affairs and later the Vice President of Management with Miami’s Associated Student Government. He worked for over 5 years for a modeling agency as an editorial and high fashion model in both Los Angeles and New York. He recently started a nonprofit organization entitled Project We One Being, which encourages cultural and sexual identity inclusion for all people, and is also putting together an entertainment production agency to produce films and books.
[April 2014]

Seek and Find Video Transcript

Miami: A Microcosm of the World

Aziza Nicholson (Miami, 2001) double majored in Black World Studies and Urban & Regional Planning. Aziza is the owner of a hair-styling business called A II Z Naturals LTD and the executive director for a global nonprofit organization called the Women Empowerment Project, which educates women in the field of natural hair care in West Africa, the Virgin Islands, and the United States. Here she talks about how her education and an internship at Miami were influential in her career successes.
[April 2014]

Miami: A Microcosm of the World Video Transcript

Challenge Your Perceptions

Rommel Wells (Miami, 2007) majored in Philosophy. Rommel is the owner of Cheapside Café, a coffee shop in Cincinnati, and is also the beverage director of the Rookwood Bar and Restaurant. Here he provided his insights on his Miami experiences and how they have connected, often abstractly, to his current career goals and success.
[March 2014]

Challenge Your Perceptions Video Transcript

Miami Makes You Well-Rounded

Terence Moore (Miami, 1978) majored in Economics. Terence is a national sports journalist for CNN, ESPN, the NFL Network, MLB.com, and more. He also contributes to Atlanta's Sunday night sports analysis program, Sports Zone. For CNN, he recently interviewed baseball legend Hank Aaron. Here he talked about his experiences in sports journalism and to offer tips to journalism students.
[March 2014]

Miami Makes You Well-Rounded Video Transcript

Tech Talk for the Non-Technical

David Groff (Miami, 1991) majored in Mathematics and Statistics. David heads the pricing analytics department at Cincinnati Insurance, where he began as an actuarial trainee soon after graduating from Miami. Here he discussed how liberal arts provided him with the ability to communicate technical information to the non-technical person.
[March 2014]

Tech Talk for the Non-Technical Video Transcript

Miami Feels Like a Community

Sara Eilert received her Master's degree in Philosophy from Miami in 2006. She is a Senior Acquisitions Editor in the areas of criminal justice, legal studies, and teacher education at Pearson Education, a publishing company. Here she reflects on her training in philosophy and time at Miami prepared her for her career.
[March 2014]

Miami Feels Like a Community Video Transcript

Make It Over the Mountain

Wil Haygood (Miami, 1976) majored in Urban Studies and has been a journalist (currently at The Washington Post) who has witnessed Nelson Mandela's release from prison, reported on Hurricane Katrina, survived kidnapping by Somalian rebels, and written 6 books. His original story on Mr. Eugene Allen, who served 8 presidents over 34 years as a White House butler became the inspiration for Lee Daniels' film The Butler. Here he discussed how Miami influenced his incredible success as a journalist. Read about Mr. Haygood's return to the Miami campus in Miami's March 2014 press release Author Wil Haygood will join Miami faculty for next three years.
[March 2014]

Make It Over the Mountain Video Transcript

Ask Questions, Seek Answers

Damon A. Williams, PhD (University of Michigan), has led a distinguished career since getting his BA (1994, Black World Studies, Sociology majors) and MEd (1996) at Miami. He has held faculty and administrative positions at the University of Connecticut and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dr. Williams is now the Senior Vice President for Programs, Training, and Youth Development for the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. In this visit to Miami he talked about how his liberal arts education and faculty mentorship helped to set him on his path to success.
[February 2014]

Ask Questions, Seek Answers Video Transcript