2012 Alumni in Business Spotlight

Kayla Ruble

photo of Kayla Ruble(Journalism; Political Science majors)
(Assistant Producer, Film at 11)

"Miami gave me my first glimpse of reporting abroad, allowing me to solidify my career aspirations. Additionally, the journalism program's flexibility, allowed me the opportunities to get valuable work experience. Finally, the vast option of international politics courses available have been, and will continue to be, helpful in my work abroad."

Read what Kayla had to say about her life after Miami and her advice to current CAS students.

Lindsay Snyder

photo of Lindsay Snyder(Mathematics and Statistics major)
(Human Resources, Epic Systems Corporation)

"Epic provides opportunities for smart, driven people to make a real difference in an important industry … With the amount of training provided at Epic, the only requirements are raw intelligence and a drive to make a difference. I've seen so much of that at Miami, and I've already seen many of my fellow Miami grads do great things at Epic, so I have high hopes for other CAS grads."

Read what Lindsay had to say about her Miami experiences and her advice to current CAS students.

Una Hrnjak

photo of Una Hrnjak(Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs major)
(Strategy & Organization Consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton)

"A liberal arts degree rarely forces students to just one career path … Classes in diverse topics such as women's studies, foreign affairs, and zoology, prepared me to address client demands in the PR world … Using an interdisciplinary perspective, I was able to evaluate situations from a variety of viewpoints and provide the best strategic counsel possible to my clients."

Read what Una had to say about her recent experiences and her future plans.

Steve Ressler

photo of Steve Ressler(Philosophy; Sociology majors)
(President of govloop.com)

"To run an Internet company you need a technical degree, right? Not really … Day-to-day, the general liberal arts skills apply: the ability to solve problems by reading and analyzing lots of data, and presenting and testing hypotheses along the way. It's what I did as a sociology and philosophy major."

Read Steve's tips on being successful in business.

Taylor Robinson

photo of Taylor Robinson(American Studies major)
(PR and Communications Coordinator, Lucasfilm's Industrial Light & Magic)

"The Miami Plan made it easy for me to find a major that fit what I was planning on doing for the rest of my life. Luckily, I got 'stuck on' American Studies and I never looked back. So many classes across so many disciplines qualify for the major. AMS also allowed me to create my own 'major' and sell myself for the type of job I wanted."

Read what Taylor had to say about the role internships play in finding a job.

Jessica Fridman Abensour

photo of Jessica Fridman Abensour(History; Political Science majors)
(Vice President, VOX Global)

"My education taught me how to analyze a historical event, and draw conclusions that can be applied to solve problems. It also taught me how to take a long research paper, and boil it down in order to effectively communicate key findings and their importance to the audience that matter most. I use these skills each and every day on the job!"

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