Jessica Fridman Abensour (Class of 1998)

  • photo of Jessica Fridman AbensourVice President, VOX Global, Raleigh, NC
  • 14+ years of public affairs and strategic communications experience
  • History and Political Science majors

"At VOX, I work with organizations to develop, launch and manage philanthropic projects, providing strategy and messaging, along with outreach to national partners, policymakers and other key stakeholders. I also have consulted on education projects for Fortune 10 corporations, major private foundations and non-profit organizations.

"My liberal arts education at Miami focusing on political science and history fully prepared me to work closely with major corporations, tying their education, sustainability and philanthropy initiatives to create shared value for employees, customers and society.

"My education taught me how to analyze a historical event, and draw conclusions that can be applied to solve problems. It also taught me how to take a long research paper, and boil it down in order to effectively communicate key findings and their importance to the audience that matter most. I use these skills each and every day on the job!"

[March 2012]