Kayla Ruble (Class of 2010)

  • photo of Kayla Rublefreelance mulitmedia journalist; assistant producer, Film at 11
  • Journalism and Political Science majors
  • from Midland, MI

Why Miami?

"I chose Miami for its political science department and campus environment. While I knew I wanted to go into journalism, I felt it was important to have a solid understanding of international politics in order to report in foreign countries. I also wanted to be within driving distance of home, while being able to attend a school that offered opportunities that would reach far beyond the region."

Always Wanted To Be a Journalist

"I have wanted to be a journalist as long as I can remember, watching war coverage as an elementary school student fuelled my interest in reporting on conflict throughout the world. To be successful, I felt that choosing a second area of study in a field like political science would be important. I took my first political science class at the beginning of freshman year, in 2006, and really enjoyed the curriculum."

"I chose to study journalism in order to continue building upon the writing and reporting skills I had developed as a high school student. I wanted to be able to travel to developing countries and bring their stories into American homes. In order to do so, I felt studying political science would be the best way to understand the issues I was interested in covering."

Professors Make an Impact

"The professors with the most profound impact on my development and future career were in the political science department. Professor Abdoulaye Saine was the most influential on both my academic and professional career. He helped form my basic understanding of global development, in a way that has better informed all the work I've done since leaving Miami. Additionally, he was always available for help and discussions outside of the classroom. He has even been accessible post graduation."

Study Abroad an Influential Experience

"While at Miami I studied abroad with the journalism program in Kosovo, which was the most influential experience of my college career. We took classes while interning at a local newspaper, which gave me the opportunity to decide whether foreign reporting was truly a career I desired. My senior year at Miami, I interned at Local 12 News in Cincinnati, which was a great way to learn the ins and outs of a fast paced newsroom."

Valuable Undergraduate Work Experience

"I just completed my masters in journalism at the Columbia Journalism School, where I was a broadcast concentrator and was also in the school's documentary program. I am temporarily working as an assistant producer at Film at 11, an independent media company in New York City. I'm also working on distributing a 30-minute documentary, which I produced while at the Journalism School.

"Miami gave me my first glimpse of reporting abroad, allowing me to solidify my career aspirations. Additionally, the journalism program's flexibility, allowed me the opportunities to get valuable work experience. Finally, the vast option of international politics courses available have been, and will continue to be, helpful in my work abroad."

Advice for Incoming Students

"My advice is to be creative and go out of your comfort zone. Odds are, when you graduate, the entry-level position at your dream company will not be available. You need to find a way to get yourself on the right path towards that job, and this will require taking some risks. One month before graduating, there were very few jobs in journalism that piqued my interest. I realized I didn't want to get stuck doing something off track, and a few months after graduating I packed up and moved by myself to Chile. I worked there as a reporter for a year. Not only did I have a great time, but it has also helped propel my career more than I could have imagined."


"Ten years from now, I hope to be reporting on economic development, most likely in Latin America. Staff positions at foreign desks are increasingly difficult to come by, so I expect to be freelancing and stringing for multiple media outlets. Hopefully by then, I will also be in the process of achieving one of my career goals, filming a feature length documentary."

[November 2012]