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Dragonfly Global Conservation Fellows

The Global Conservation Fellows (GCF) program is offered through Project Dragonfly at Miami University in partnership with conservation organizations worldwide. Fellows earn a biology Miami master's degree through Project Dragonfly’s Global Field Program (GFP) all while inspiring further positive ecological and social change in their local communities. Fellows are selected based on their potential to make a difference and contribute to innovative and collaborative environmental solutions at local, regional, and global scales. All or most course costs and associated expenses (travel, lodging, tuition, etc.) are covered for selected GCFs who demonstrate a commitment to conservation, research, and inquiry.

Global Conservation Fellows gain extraordinary experience working alongside leading conservationists and educators while studying the theory and practice of socio-ecological change. Here is a sampling of the extraordinary students and successful projects that donations and grants to the GCF program have supported:

Delreco Bonaby

Current Student - Delreco Bonaby

Delreco Bonaby, a current GFP student, is a high school science teacher at Queen's College in The Bahamas. He has taught previously with the Department of Education at public schools on the islands of New Providence and Bimini and is working with the non-profit, Sharks4Kids, to develop curriculum in line with The Bahamas Ministry of Education.
Lyndeisha Curry

Current Student - Lyndeisha Curry

Lyndeisha Curry, a current GFP student, is the Education Officer at Friends of The Environment (FRIENDS) in Central Abaco in The Bahamas. In 2016 Curry earned a bachelor's degree in biology from the College of the Bahamas. 
Joseph Sarvary

Joseph Sarvary '23

Joseph Sarvary is a manager at ENGIE Impact, a leading sustainability consultancy that helps large corporate organizations transform their operations and strategies to achieve net-zero emissions. He is from London, England, and also serves as a board member of Para La Tierra, our Earth Expeditions partner in Paraguay.
Juan Sebastian Torres

Juan Sebastian Torres '19

Juan Sebastian Torres is from Quito, Ecuador, and lived in the Galapagos Islands for several years. His past work includes in the Amazon rainforest as a natural guide and with Ecology Project International (EPI), a past Earth Expeditions partner in Galapagos, as a field program coordinator. Today he serves as educator for the Fondo para la Protección del Agua (FONAG) in Ecuador.
Maritza Morales Cassanova

Maritza Morales Cassanova '19

Maritza Morales Cassanova is from the Yucatán Peninsula. She is the founder and director of the conservation organization, Humanidad Unida a la Naturaleza en Armonía por el Bienestar, la Bondad y la Belleza (HUNAB), or Humanity United with Nature in Harmony for Well-being, Kindness and Beauty which in English translates to Humanity United with Nature in Harmony for Well-being, Kindness and Beauty in English.
Thuy Hoang

Thuy Hoang '19

Thuy Hoang oversees and facilitates the Viet Nam Program for Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), one of our Advanced Inquiry Program (AIP) experiential learning sites. Her master's research tied directly to her work as program manager, in reducing the threats posed by illegal wildlife trade in Vietnam to save species and landscapes.
Colleen Cole

Colleen Cole '18

Colleen Cole was accepted into the GFP in 2016. After having grown up in Tulsa, Okla., Colleen Cole moved to the Big Island of Hawai'i about 20 years ago. In 2023 she joined the US Fish & Wildlife Service as a biologist after directing the Three Mountain Alliance, an Earth Expeditions partner for the Hawai'i course, for several years. 
Karina Atkinson

Karina Atkinson '16

Karina Atkinson started Para La Tierra, a now 10+ year organization focused on highlighting the unique species and ecosystems of Paraguay while promoting environmental ecoleadership.
Jamal Andrews Bohn

Jamal Andrews Bohn '15

Jamal Andrews Bohn is a Belizean biologist with 15 years of experience in the local and regional conservation field. He has led and contributed to programs covering enviuronmental education, biodiversity monitoring and research and much more. He has worked at the Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center for more than 14 years and currently serves as Conservation Program Manager.
Celso Poót

Celso Poót '14

Celso Poót was promoted to serve as the Director of the Belize Zoo since graduating from the GFP. He is responsible for both onsite and outreach school programs, working with more than 15,000 school children and teachers each academic year. He also coordinates with international  school groups to offer ecological field courses in Belize.
Laxmi Baral

Laxmi Baral '13

Laxmi Baral was born and grew up in Nepal. After completing a master's in botany and more than a decade of teaching career in Nepal, he migrated to the U.S. in 2010. As a GFP student, he served as a medical interpreter to help Bhutanese communities. He was accepted in the GFP in 2011 and focused his master's research on conservation stewardship.
Meghann McDonald

Meghann McDonald '13

Meghann McDonald is now the Executive Director of the Vermilion Sea Institute, a non-profit dedicated to education and field studies. She is able to introduce students of all ages to the terrestrial and marine worlds of Baja California, fusing scientific field methods with first-hand experience.
Jongdee To-im

Jongdee To-im '12

Jongdee To-im is an assistant professor of Environment and Resources Studies at Mahidol University in Thailand. She has studied the application of Buddhism and indigenous knowledge to conservation and education.

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