Election Night! Reporting for The Cincinnati Enquirer III: Video Transcript

Cindy Moore [senior, Journalism and Political Science majors]: The main thing that I took away as a journalist was to be really, really quick, really fast. I was interviewing four people at a time and then interviewing the ex-mayor, state senators, and Republican chairs for their county and I had so much information that it was difficult for me to get everything up at once. They wanted me to be blogging while I was there, but we didn't have Wi-Fi. Then I caught a signal and I was putting it up — I thought it was posted but it wasn't, it was just drafted. I think that's something I probably took away the most, and that's to be prompt and quick and just do whatever you can do to get the story up as fast as you can before someone else does.

I've covered Obama, when he went to Seasongood [Seasongood Good Government Foundation©] in Cincinnati and also campus events regarding the health care people, from Know Your Care came; I covered a lot of live events like that. As I've done that, social media is probably the most important thing that I've done. I took video, I took pictures, I interviewed people, and still the most important thing was my tweets because older reporters, they would tweet, but even as Enquirer reporters they didn't have as many followers as I did. I had followers who probably wouldn't follow the Enquirer normally. I have over 600 followers, so people will see my things and retweet them. People look for me now to give them news on my news feed and I thought that was really interesting because people will tweet me and be like, 'So what’s going on?' and 'What’s this?' 'I know Cindy's going to give me the news coming up.' I think that every journalist needs to constantly know that their social media profile is probably more important than what they print.

I want to go to law school when I graduate. I'm the only one in my class that wants to go to law school. I would like to go into entertainment law. I don't know how much it's going to help me when I'm in law school because it's a different field, but definitely going into entertainment law — knowing the most up-to-date media tactics and the ways and actions of most people within the networks, because I've met so many people that work in so many different places that have so many different jobs; I've worked with judges, councilmen, and news anchors, just all over the board — and I think that's going to help me.

[November 2012]