John & Betty Michael Autobiographical Lecture Series in Art Education

Christine Marmé Thompson

John Michael Autobiographical Distinguished Lecturer for 2019-20

Monday, September 23, 2019
7:30 pm, Miami University Art Museum

Christine Marme ThompsonChristine Marmé Thompson is Professor Emerita in the School of Visual Arts at Penn State University where she taught from 2001-2017. Her research focuses on children's culture and art learning, especially the social contexts of early childhood art. She is co-editor, with Christopher M. Schulte, of Communities of Practice: Art, Play and Aesthetics (2018); with Liora Bresler, of The Arts in Children's Lives: Context, Culture, and Curriculum (2002); editor of The Visual Arts and Early Childhood Learning (1997); a section editor and contributor to The International Handbook of Research in Arts Education (2007), and author of numerous publications in art and early childhood education journals.

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