John & Betty Michael Autobiographical Lecture Series in Art Education

John Michael Autobiographical Distinguished Lecturer for 2020-21

Terry Barrett, “Responding to Art: A Life of Engagement”

Monday, September 28, 2020
7:30 pm, Online Lecture Presentation
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Terry Barrett is Professor Emeritus at The Ohio State University where he received a Distinguished Teaching Award for his courses in art criticism and aesthetics. Dr. Barrett is author of books including Why Is That Art?, Criticizing Photographs, Criticizing Art, Interpreting Art, Talking About Student Art, and Making Art. His most recent book is CRITS: A Student Manual. He is former senior editor of the research journals Studies in Art Education and The International Journal of Education and the Arts. He is a Distinguished Fellow of the National Art Education Association and recipient of the Insight Award from the Society of Photographic Education. His chapters and articles on teaching art, criticism, and aesthetics in schools, museums, and community settings are published in many anthologies and journals. He has worked in art with learners of all ages throughout the United States and internationally. He is currently writing and making art in Bradenton, Florida.

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