Minors in Art

A woman seated in an armchair poses for students in the drawing studio as they sketch the scene.
 Professor and student discuss photos during class
 A student wearing ear and eye protection works with power tool to shape a metallic piece
A group of students seated in a gallery as a professor speaks before a group of paintings
 A laptop is open with the screen showing colorful graphic elements. Assorted printed graphic design materials are scattered on the table.
An art therapist conducts a session with a patient in a hospital bed

At Miami, students can...

  • Be a part of a community of artists, designers and scholars, taking classes with art majors and advanced students.
  • Create a high quality portfolio that can lead to continued studies in other programs.
  • Develop technical, aesthetic and conceptual skills, and add visual literacy to your critical thinking abilities.
  • Integrate creative and artistic practice with other academic and research pursuits.
  • Work closely with well-known professors who are active researchers and professional artists.

Browse our minors, and feel free to contact us for more information!