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International student confers with his supervisor at Union Hall in Cincinnati
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San Francisco students and alumni pose with a humanoid robot
Capstone students practice their client presentation in Cincinnati
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Students collaborate at an oblong table on a balcony in downtown Cincinnati

The Digital Innovation Fellows (DIF) program is offered jointly by the Department of Emerging Technology in Business + Design and the Entrepreneurship Department.  The program is designed to be accomplished within three years, and it offers a unique degree with a major in Emerging Technology and a minor in Entrepreneurship.

Participants spend three semesters living, working, and playing in centers of digital innovation in the Midwest, San Francisco, and Europe, mentored by Miami faculty and industry partners.

  • Year One. DIF students spend their first year on the Miami campus, enrolled in course sections tailored for DIF while participating in an array of special programming.  Students enroll the following summer to prepare for their first semester away from Oxford.
  • Year Two. Students are based at our Digital Innovation Centers in Cincinnati and Luxembourg. For four days a week each student works at one of the many dynamic startups who have partnered with the program. On the fifth day students receive behind-the-scenes looks at startups, accelerators, and venture funding firms.  Principals of those organizations provide personal coaching.  After their semester in Luxembourg, students may spend part of a summer in London.
  • Year Three. DIF students spend the fall semester at our Digital Innovation Center in San Francisco and then a final semester on the Miami campus preparing their thesis.

Why apply for this program?

  • Students graduate one year early with a dual degree: a major in Emerging Technology and a co-major Entrepreneurship. Obviously this allows for earlier entry into the workforce.
  • Students graduate with nearly two years' of work experience.
  • Even with travel and housing, the three-year duration means that the total cost of the degree will be less than a four-year degree on the Miami campus.  This does not include compensation a student may receive from a paid internship (most students acquire paid internships).