Tom Featherstone

Tom FeatherstoneScene Shop Supervisor

143 Center for Performing Arts (513) 529-3061

Tom Featherstone received his AS degree from Indiana University Department of Music. He has served as Technical Director for Evansville Dance Theatre, Indianapolis Civic Theatre, Town Hall Theatre in Centerville, and Miami University Summer Theatre. At Miami has served as Scene Shop Supervisor since 1994.

As Scene Shop Supervisor he oversees the day-to-day operation of the scene shop and performance spaces in the Center for Performing Arts with the aid of a paid student staff. He prides himself on creating a safe and comfortable environment for those who have no experience with power tools, large and heavy scenery, or metalworking.

He is married with a daughter. His wife Ellen Price is a professor in Miami’s Art Department and a well-known printmaker. 

In addition to managing the daily operations of the shop, Tom mentors students in scenery construction. He also serves as the Grillmaster at Department cookouts.