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Remote Digital Innovation - Customizable Professional Development

Program Overview

This program focuses on a full-time internship opportunity - either in-person, hybrid, or remote - in addition to a self-design thesis project and individualized networking. This program is designed to provide students with the chance to spend an entire semester focusing on professional development, while earning a full course load.


As a part of the Remote Digital Innovation, students will complete full time internships and can work Monday through Friday over the duration of the semester.

Students are able to seek work opportunities based in any location in the US, whether that is San Francisco (where the program originated), at home, or in a desirable post-graduation city. The role itself can be in-person, hybrid, or remote, and could be paid or unpaid. Students are invited to seek work responsibilities that best fit their professional interests and experiences, provided the work falls within the context of emerging technology, business and design.

Ultimately, it is a student's responsibility to secure the internship, but there is a high degree of support provided by the program as we can tap into the broad alumni network that exists across the country.

On-site support

Given the individualized and “locationless” nature of the Remote Digital Innovation program, students should not expect significant on-site support. Students will be individually responsible for housing, transportation, meals, etc., though the program will strive to provide local networking opportunities to the greatest extent possible. 

For students who elect to complete the Remote Digital Innovation program in San Francisco, there is additional on-site support provided. The program staff can assist with housing recommendations, networking connections, emergency support, etc.

San Francisco Digital Innovation Bootcamp

All students who participate in the Remote Digital Innovation program are expected to also participate in the San Francisco Digital Innovation Bootcamp program over a winter term. This allows students to dive into company visits in the Bay Area, strategically developing a professional network. However, these two programs are not required to be completed back to back. In completing both of these programs, students will earn a Digital Innovation minor.

At A Glance:

Program at a Glance
Term Fall or Spring Semester
Academics 12 credit hours
IMS 340 (Internship) - 8 hours
IMS 452 (Senior Design Project) - 3 hours
IMS 398 (Networking) - 1 hour.
Can contribute to Focus Area, Integration, and Internship for ETBD majors.
Contributes to Digital Innovation minor.
Cost Full semester tuition based on individual Tuition Promise
Plus $150 program fee
*Students should plan to participate in SF Bootcamp during a winter term

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