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Excellence and Expertise

Student Spotlight: Colleen Gorski

Read about a student’s perspective on the experience of being a member of Wind Ensemble and participating in Miami Takes Music Hall.

Excellence and Expertise

Student Spotlight: Colleen Gorski

Colleen Gorski is a student playing in the Miami Takes Music Hall event in Cincinnati. As a member of the Wind Ensemble, Gorski has been preparing for this as a part of her class and took the time to share some details about the process.  

Tell us a bit about yourself... 

My name is Colleen Gorski, I'm a sophomore music education major with a minor in Ethics, Society and Culture. My primary instrument (the one I play in Wind Ensemble) is trumpet. 

What has the preparation process looked like?

We've been preparing for the concert for a few months now, practicing on our own, in sectionals, and with the full ensemble. We've been working to promote the concert by sharing information with family and friends and putting up flyers around campus

Any standout moments from the process?

I love seeing how much each piece improves from rehearsal to rehearsal, and am looking forward to how they sound at our upcoming performance!

What has been your biggest takeaway?

The preparations for this concert cycle are procedurally similar to our preparations for other performances. As musicians, we must be fully prepared to give emotional and musical performances no matter where the performance venue is. 

What would you tell a student thinking about coming to Miami?

Consider looking into all the options to get involved with music at Miami! You don't have to major in music to participate in Miami's ensembles including marching band, wind ensemble and symphony band, and they are great ways to meet other musicians and build a community!

How has this experience aided your learning?

Preparing for this concert has brought me closer to the other musicians in the ensemble, and has helped me grow in my musical skill and expression. 

What else would you like to add? 

Miami Takes Music Hall is something the music department has been wanting to put together since before COVID, so we are very excited that it is finally coming to fruition with these groups!