Bill Doan, My Anxiety

Bill Doan

Part monologue and part graphic novel come to life, My Anxiety takes you on an adventure into the many ways Bill Doan lives with his anxiety.

Doan creates drawings as receptacles of his anxiety. "I'm like a living comic book," he said. "I get anxious that people won’t get it, so I have to perform with the drawings to make sure my anxiety is properly represented. It’s an endless cycle. And you get to watch it happen."

A mix of drama and comedy, Doan’s solo theater piece serves up drawings, stories, and musings on embracing his anxiety as his companion. It’s sure to be a powerful evening viewers won’t soon forget.

He holds a BA in Theatre and Communication, an MFA in Directing, and a Ph.D. in American Studies. His current work, which investigates brain injury, consciousness, identity, and anxiety includes a new play, Drifting.

Bill Doan, My Anxiety

7:30 p.m., Wednesday, Feb. 27

Oxford Community Arts Center
10 S. College Ave.

Solo Series


MIA Restaurant + Studio
Jerome Conley

In collaboration with the Department of Theatre

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