Online Learning

students using a device that simulates dementia
a table with toy structures ready to be assembled
students working with faculty on an aging simulation activity
packaging student work designs

Each course in the xdMFA has an online hub where learners participate in discussions, explore new content, and interact with instructors via Miami's Canvas Learning Management System. Design iterations are posted on online discussion boards for students and instructors to review and discuss. Instructor feedback is often given in the form of videos—recorded by faculty using webcams so tone and inflection enhance insights and suggestions for next steps.

Over the course of a semester, learners are often challenged to use smartphones to record aspects of where they live for design projects. This means the study of design-in-context isn't limited to one city, but the classroom expands beyond walls to encompass different corners of the world wherever students travel. Online study doesn't limit learning—it expands learning by enabling a wider range of experiences to be integrated into course content.

Online learning means sources for group projects can pull from many different geographic inspirations. Research can be collaborated across time zones, enabling greater discoveries. Design work can be uploaded for classmates to review and critique anytime, which often leads to more thoughtful and articulate responses to work.

an xdMFA course web page

A Canvas webpage from ART 650: Experience Design Studio

xdMFA and Slack

For the in-between times, when courses aren't in session or when students don’t share common course loads, the xdMFA Slack Workspace allows everyone to interact and stay connected. Everyone in the program has access to the workspace, including faculty, current students, and alumni.