Dr. Douglas Troy teaching students enrolled in the Agile Launchpad class.
Note cards used to organize Agile Launchpad projects on a whiteboard.
A student explains his team
Agile Launchpad summer interns hosting their end of season conference.

Agile Launchpad

The pyramid graphic illustrates the Agile Process for managing. The Agile Process is shown at the top of the pyramid and is built on a set of work practices. The next layer down the pyramid lists the practices that include: daily team stand-up meetings, frequent reflective retrospectives, frequent product showcases to the customer, and regular adaptive planning. Also included in this section of the pyramid are the software development practices of automated testing, test-driven development, refactoring and continuous integration. All of the practices are carried out in a sustainable pace. Next down the pyramid are the principles on which the practices are built. The principles include customer collaboration, teamwork, finding simple solutions (simplicity), delivering business value to the customer quickly (speed) and adapting to changing needs (flexibility). The base of the pyramid are the values on which the whole agile process rests. Values include trust, innovative accountability, courage, and honesty.The Agile Launchpad is a university course that introduces the Agile project management approach which we call the Agile Way of Working.  The key objectives of the Agile Way of Working are to help teams to consistently deliver value (working products) that meets the needs of a customer while mitigating risk.  Since its introduction in the software industry, Agile has grown beyond software development and is used in virtually every area of business. 

The Agile Launchpad course aims to start undergraduate students on their agile journey by introducing the Agile Way of Working.  What is an agile journey, you ask? Agile is a term for a set of values, principles, and practices that have been shown to help teams to deliver products better, faster, and cheaper.  Learning the Agile Way of Working is a journey of continuous learning, improving, and adapting that only begins with the Agile Launchpad course.  Through course work and practical projects students learn and apply the values, principles, and practices of agile while working in a multi-disciplinary team made up of engineering, computing, business and other majors.  

Agile professionals from local and global business partners participate in the course to give students practical advice and guidance.

Completion of the Agile Launchpad course results in professional certification from ICAgile.