Augmenting Reality for Color Vision Enhancement

  • Caroline Danzi, Computer Science, Senior
  • Christopher Schipper, Computer Science, Junior
  • Tri Nong, Computer Science, Sophomore

3D Printed Anatomical Models for Healthcare Training

  • Louis Krieger, Chemical Engineering, Junior
  • Alex Demers, Biomedical Engineering, Sophomore

Assistive Navigation Device for the Visually Impaired 

  • Rasika Rane, Electrical Engineering and Journalism, Junior
  • Austin Jenkins, Computer Engineering, Sophomore
  • Mitchell Everett, Computer Engineering, Sophomore

Design of Controller for Medical Devices

  • Rob Sutliff, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Senior

Assistive Technology and Active Learning

  • Andrew Quintana, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Junior

Design of a Walking Cane

  • Joao P. Freire, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Senior

Haptic Feedback for Assistive Devices

  • Amlaan Shakeel, Electrical Engineering, Graduate Student