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Thursday, Jan 31 / Friday, February 1

MU CAT 2nd Annual Research Symposium

        Jan 31 Keynote Speaker:  Dr. C. 'Nat' Nataraj, The Villanova Center for Analytics of Dynamic  Systems

                Dr. Mark Walsh, Assoc. Professor - Kinesiology & Health

                Dr. Jennifer Kinney, Professor - Sociology & Gerontology

        Feb 1  Keynote Speaker:  Charlie Haddad, Senior Advisor - Digital Health, Eli Lilly and Company

                Dr. DJ Rao, Assoc. Professor - Computer Science & Software Engineering

                Dr. Karthik Vishwanath, J&C Garland Asst. Professor - Physics

Thursday, Jan 31 

MU CAT Design Innovation Challenge - Info Session

        Join us in Benton Lobby from 5-7pm for more information about the competition

Thursday, April 11

Women's Leadership Symposium

Wednesday, May 1 - 3

Engineering and Computing Week

Wednesday, May 1

E&C Banquet

Thursday, May 2

Senior Design Expo - Benton Hall

Friday, May 3

Alumni & Friends Alumni Conference - Marcum Hotel Center