Master of Computer Science

This degree program offers a non-research/non-thesis-based Master of Computer Science. The continuous changes and demand in the computer science area require the workforce and students to be trained flexibly. For the culminating experience requirement, students in the new degree can choose from three options: 1) internship, 2) project, and 3) capstone course

The mission of the Master of Computer Science program is to prepare students for computing professions with foundational and advanced coursework, the opportunity to work on industrial projects, and flexible pathways to the degree. Through advanced coursework, students can gain experience in the following areas: artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, cybersecurity, computer vision, high-performance computing, Internet-of-Things, and software engineering. These courses will be taught by outstanding faculty and researchers in these fields.

Master's Program Requirements

For information on the program requirements for Computer Science, Master of Computer Science, visit the Program Requirements section in the Miami Bulletin

Admissions Policies and procedures:

Similar to the Master of Science in Computer Science at Miami, our requirements for current Miami students are 64 completed hours, a 3.25 GPA, and 3 letters of recommendation.

For non-Miami students, we require a 3.00 GPA, GRE Quantitative score 60th percentile or higher (preferred Verbal score 35th percentile or higher and Analytical writing score 25th percentile or higher), TOEFL of at least 95 (24 speaking), and 3 letters of recommendation.

Admission requirements and application procedures can be found on Miami University's Graduate School website. For more information, please complete the Graduate School Inquiry and contact our Graduate Program insert email.

Combined Degree Programs

Combined Programs allow highly qualified students to simultaneously pursue a Bachelor's and Master's degree.