ECE Senior Design Projects

A group of ECE students in front of their senior design poster

ECE Senior Design Mission Statement

The objectives of this course are to utilize your knowledge, as a senior student, to perform a major open-ended design project. The project is conducted in a professional manner that resembles a real business/industrial environment. Here, you are considered to be an engineer working in a multidisciplinary team with your faculty advisor as the project director/manager and consultant. In addition, you should consider that you are working on your capstone for a real world customer (e.g., the consumer market or a company), whether fictitious or real (in the latter case, a sponsor).

Business Benefits

  • Teams of two to four students with the guidance of a faculty advisor work for two semesters on the project
  • Teams will communicate with the industry representatives during the project
  • Deliverables will be determined by the industry representative and faculty advisor
  • Representatives can attend the design team’s presentations and CEC’s Senior Design Expo
  • Industry representatives are directly engaged with top engineering students to witness first hand the quality of Miami CEC students

Project Quality Assurance

Each team has a ECE faculty advisor to guide and direct the students throughout the project

Past ECE Projects

  • Simulation Twinning via Algorithmic Methods for Power Circuit Component Failure
  • Lego Tactile Interface for Design Input
  • Using a Genetic Algorithm to find Type 3 Cellular Automata Systems
  • Investment Strategy for Stock Market
  • Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Imaging Simulator
  • Joint Trajectory Design and Radio Resource Management for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
  • Wireless Power Transfer Plus Communications
  • Machine Learning-Based Driver Performance Prediction
  • Investigation of Hyperdimensional Computing
  • Solar Powered Vertical Take-Off Airplane
  • Developing a Heads up Display as a Step Towards a Self-Driving Car Capability
  • Multi-Agent Search and Rescue
  • Power Amplifier Pre-Compensation for Satellite Comms

Next Steps:

Please contact Dr. Dmitriy Garmatyuk, ECE Senior Design Coordinator, with questions.

Complete and submit the Senior Design Project Application

Please note that there is no guarantee that your project will be accepted. Please provide as much information as possible on the Senior Design Project Application and contact Dr. Garmatyuk if you have questions or concerns.