Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for the Humanitarian Engineering & Computing (HE&C) minor?

To declare the minor contact the HE&C advisor in your major department for his/her signature, and submit the form to the Dean's office.

Who is my HE&C faculty advisor?

Check out the HE&C Advising page. Your advisor is from your current department.

Would any project be appropriate for my Senior Capstone?

No, the capstone must be approved by the HE&C committee. See the list of previous HE&C capstones that would fulfill this requirement.

I don't know if I should use my minor in place of my thematic sequence, who should I talk to?

Set up an appointment and talk with your HE&C advisor. They can help you decide what works for you.

How do I know if a class is a service-learning course?

When looking for classes to add in BannerWeb, there is an option to search for classes based on an Attribute Type. Find service learning and make sure it is selected. All courses that will appear should have the service learning attribute designation.

How do I get approval of service or humanitarian-focused projects or courses?

The Steering Committee is responsible for pre-approval of the following courses or activities to meet the requirements of the minor.

  • Study Abroad course with a Service component
  • Independent Study course (with a humanitarian or service focus)
  • Project for capstone courses

For approval of one of these items/activities, a student must request and complete a petition that can be obtained from the H E&C Advisor in your department. Your advisor will assist with any questions and bring the petition to the Steering Committee for review.

How many extra credits do I have to take to get the minor?

The number of credits required for the minor is 18 hours; however, several hours can count for both your major and the Miami Plan.

Can I major in Humanitarian Engineering & Computing?

No, there is only a humanitarian engineering & computing minor at Miami.

Does the senior capstone requirement count for my major?

Yes, the senior capstone requirement counts for both your major and minor.