Start the Trend Challenge

NEF Gen is heading to Miami University for a 2015 Engineers Week event.  NEF Generation (a branch of National Engineering Forum specifically targeting the next generation of engineers) is partnering with the Lockheed Martin Leadership Institute students at Miami University to host an innovation challenge. 

Start the Trend: The Change Begins With You is a brand new one-day event on February 21, 2015, designed to get student teams involved in developing ideas that will effect real change in the engineering culture. 

Teams of 3-4 students will attempt to identify the issues surrounding the lack of retention of college-aged engineering students as well as women and diversity in engineering. They will then develop ideas to take the first steps to change this culture. 

Participants will find themselves leaving the event not merely pondering why these cultural issues exist, but more importantly will leave motivated to affect this culture in a positive way.

Engineers Week continues to be a success every year and we hope that this challenge will foster more innovation and creativity than ever before!  

For more information about “Start the Trend” challenge, contact: Abria Marshall (