Miami University Agile Initiative

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Several professors through various departments submitted a project proposal to the Interdisciplinary and Innovation Fund entitled the “Miami University Agile Initiative.” The project was selected to receive $40,000 in funding during its first year, and if it meets first-year outcome objectives, has the potential to receive an additional $80,000. 

Dr. Jerry Gannod  (Computer Science and Software Engineering), Dr. Douglas Havelka (Information Systems and Analytics), Dr. Timothy Krehbiel (Management), and Dr. Eric Luczaj (Computer and Information Technology) are the faculty pioneering the proposal. The goal for the project is to establish Miami as a leader in using Agile in higher education and to help other academic institutions adopt Agile. In addition, the project proposers plan to develop and offer fee-based professional education in Agile as a means of sustaining the initiative over time.

Agile is an umbrella term for a set of values, principles, and practices that aims to develop a culture that helps teams to consistently deliver value to customers while mitigating risk.

The Agile Launchpad Interdisciplinary course offered at Miami is the first university course ever to be accredited by the ICAgile. Faculty from each of Miami’s six academic divisions are exploring how to utilize Agile to improve student learning. This proposal will build on these foundations to establish Miami as a national leader for using and teaching Agile.