Miami University Center for Analytics and Data Science

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Several professors throughout various departments at Miami submitted a proposal entitled, "Miami University Center for Analytics and Data Science" to the Interdisciplinary and Innovation Fund.

To address the analytics skill gap in the current workforce and also to foster collaborations in the areas of Analytics and Data Science, these professors proposed the Center for Analytics and Data Science (CADS). The unifying goal of Miami University is to “Promote a vibrant learning and discovery environment that produces extraordinary student and scholarly outcomes.”  Each mission of CADS is aligned with this unifying goal. Those missions are as follows:

(1) Develop interdisciplinary academic programs that directly address high demand skill

(2) Partner with organizations to develop experiential learning opportunities

(3) Foster interdisciplinary collaborative research

(4) Provide professional development for Miami students, faculty, and staff in data science skills

The project received $100,000 in funding for its first year and is eligible to receive additional funding should its launch be successful. Dr. James Kiper (Computer Science and Software Engineering), Dr. John Bailer (Statistics), Dr. Allison Jones-Farmer and Dr. Skip Benamati (Information Systems and Analytics), and Dr. Robert Dahlstrom and Dr. Gillian Oakenfull (Marketing) are the professors pioneering this project.