Germany Summer Study Abroad

Group of students holding a Miami flag

Engineering students had the opportunity to study abroad in Freiburg, Germany, for one month this summer. The program was lead by Dr. Amy Yousefi (CPB) and Dr. Mostafa Modirrousta (MME). 

Two core engineering courses were offered, Engineering Thermodynamics and Engineering Economics. Thermodynamics introduced students to the concept of energy, and provided the tools necessary for analysis of any engineering system in which energy transfer or conversion occurs. Economics studied engineering economic decisions and methods of resource allocation. Additionally, a six hour German course was offered for students to learn the basics of the language.

"Studying abroad and gaining experience in living and working with individuals who have a different culture and world view is something I wanted out of my college experience...'Engineering in Germany' offers students a chance to experience living abroad and invert the classroom to learn from successful companies and engineers rather than just textbook theory," said student Dan Regan, a biomedical engineering major.

One of Dan's favorite trips was visiting the Deutsches Museum of Science in Munich, one of the largest museums in the world dedicated to science and technology. The group saw lightning simulations on a timber house and got to do a walk-through of advances in nano-technology and medicine, as well as computer history. 

Participating students also took a guided tour of the BMW production plant in Munich. Other excursions included an eco-village tour, tour of the Water Plant Rheinfelden, and trips to several companies that provide engineering services (Caliqua, Fraunhofer Institute, and Verkehers, to name a few.) 

"The most rewarding experience was taking a day to live as if I were a local and just being in that moment and experiencing life through another lens," said Dan. 

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