Two CEC Professors Receive Excellence in Career Development Award

Dr. Cameron and Dr. Ucci at the award presentation with other winners

Dr. Donald Ucci (ECE) and Dr. Tim Cameron (MME) recently received the Excellence in Career Development Award from Career Services. This award ‘recognizes faculty who actively support the development of the Miami University career community.’ [Source]

Dr. Ucci used to be the chair of the ECE Department. When he first arrived, he was part of a series of directors who worked to improve relations between CEC and Career Services.  He became very active in working with the students to help them utilize Career Services’ resources, and continued to do so during the rest of his time as department chair.

“I consider the university being comprised of three entities: faculty, students, and resource facilities. All three need to work in synergism…For example, Career Services does try to do that. They reach out to both faculty and students,” said Dr. Ucci.

Dr. Tim Cameron is the professor of the MME Department. Since he first started at Miami, he has been continually encouraging students to connect with career services, and vice versa.

He views his relationship with Career Services like a triangle, saying, “Companies want to recruit students here, students are looking for a job that will fit them well, and Career Services is helping both parties make those connections. I see myself in the middle of that triangle facilitating all three of them.”

Congratulations to both professors on receiving this award!