Meet Mary Floren: President of CECSAC

Mary Floren headshot

Mary Floren has become a household name in the College of Engineering and Computing. 

As a junior double major in computer and electrical engineering, president of CECSAC (College of Engineering and Computing Student Advisory Council), and member of Theta Tau, she has a presence in many of the departments.

“I like the versatility of computer and electrical engineering. There’s so much math involved, especially in engineering, that you could have a job on Wall Street, or have a job building computers,” Mary said.

She joined CECSAC as a freshman, when it was originally called Miami Engineering Counsel. As the senior executive board graduated, she was appointed president to help expand the organization with younger members. 

“We primarily put on events throughout the school. Social events, professional events, or whatever we think is needed that would benefit the students. We also work closely with CEC to make changes throughout the school, and have a student voice in the college,” she said. 

One of the upcoming events CECSAC put together is an interviewing workshop this upcoming Wednesday, November 11th, from 7-8:30 P.M., in Benton 204. Mary promises that it will be a beneficial event for anyone wanting to practice interview skills or learn how to improve.