Help Fund Critical Research on Predicting Falls

The population in Ohio and everywhere continues to grow older...

Because of the aging population many challenges remain which require low cost, efficient solutions which are deeply rooted in engineering design and use available technology. The researchers in Miami University's Center for Assistive Technologies (MU CAT) will develop an app that will enable and expand our ability to address the challenges associated with predicting risk of falls in older adults. Thus reducing health care cost and improving quality of life for older adults.  With your help our faculty and students will collect data using on board sensors in smart phone and wearable electronics including those obtained using accelerometer, GPS and gyroscopes. This data will then be processed using deep learning methods including artificial neural networks and classification trees to develop markers and confidence levels while comparing with nonlinear dynamical systems model of human postural dynamics and gait. This comparison will provide an understanding of risk of fall and will lead to development of subject specific, nonlinear dynamical system models for fall risk estimation using method of normal forms.

Two professors explain the theory of predicting falls at a white board with formulas to a student. Better Tools are Needed!

In addition, it will create better tools for medical diagnostics and prognostics for balance related disorders using activities of daily living measurement and thus reducing the dependence on clinical evaluation of balance. Current technology relies heavily on human intervention and clinical setting. This project aims to disrupt and innovate a solution relying on computational and sensor technologies which are ever increasing and can help reduce the cost burden while eliminating the human error. This is clearly a game changer in how medical prognostics works currently.

You can help right now

If you would like to help with this research in the MU CAT please go to Miami University's new crowd funding page "HawksNest" and read more about the project.