Celebrating Senior Design Projects

Congratulations to all those participating in the May 5 Senior Design Expo celebrating student innovation and design!  Project teams presented their work to faculty and the following winners were selected.

Check out all the photographs on the Miami University College of Engineering and Computing Facebook page album: CEC Senior Design Expo.


Computer Science and Software Engineering - MTD App - Doug Blase, Tyler Helmuth, Andrew Kallmeyer, Brandon Langmeier

CSE capstone winners

Electrical and Computer Engineering  - TILP Programmable Robot - Christian Carter, Abria Marshall, Konsta Antilla

ECE capstone winners

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering - MTD Design - Tyler Smallwood, Abdulmohsen Bahabri, Ryan Covington, Matthew Strasubaugh

MME capstone winners

Chemical, Paper, and Biomedical Engineering - Improving Strength Properties of Paper Utilizing Mycelium Fungus - Chloe Hazen, Anna Brandmeier, Dan Fay, Cameron Hulse, Steven Grzincic, Colten Cowell, Jocky Cheng

CPB capstone winners

Student Choice  Ischemia Care OpenClinica Integration - Miranda Ferguson, Ryan Callen, Nash Lindley, Sam Bailey

Student choice capstone winners

Dean Dollar listens to project explanation          Air Machine Team 5 speak to faculty