2016 Summer Scholars Program

It's science. Not fiction!

This summer 18 high school students from as far away as Tampa Florida, are diving headfirst into the realms of engineering and computing by designing and building a computer-controlled robot.

Mr. Jim Leonard, Adjunct Instructor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, is teaching the students how to design and build the robots and how they will communicate. He is encouraging them to build their robots with wires, steel, cardboard, plastic and an Arduino micro controller so they can perform certain tasks. In the first two days of the program they are learning how to use a rich programming language to control the drive motors so they can be programmed to drive in a straight line. As the class continues the students will be challenged to make their robots perform more difficult tasks.

A male student working on a wheeled robot he built and is preparing to programing it with a computer

Next week they will face off in the Miami Ninja Robotics Challenge performing task against the other teams' creations. Who knows ... the universe might be saved by one of these robot building experts in the future.

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