CEC is raising money for SEEC

As you all know, the College of Engineering and Computing is participating in the campus wide fundraiser Move-In-Miami. This event welcomes the new class of 2023 to campus, and lasted 20 hours and 23 minutes. This event is happening on August 22nd, the day the incoming students moved in.

The project that the college is promoting is the dean’s initiative of Socially Engaged Engineering and Computing (SEEC). This initiative focuses on different programs within the college that promote the ideals of SEEC.


SEEC Banner

So, what are the ideals of SEEC? 

The program is founded on the idea of improving the general well-being of individuals and societies through integrating social and technical aspects into our scholarly work as a practice for a future career. Through many programs students are able to learn the importance of making a positive impact on those around them. This initiative helps cultivate the future leaders of tomorrow, and help them develop the necessary skills that allow them to make a lasting impact on the world. 

The focus for the project was on three programs that fall within SEEC. The Grand Challenge Scholars Program, Humanitarian Engineering and Computing Minor, and the Miami University Center for Assistive Technology. The money raised from this event will fund various aspects of these three programs. 

The goal for the fundraiser is $3000, and over the course of the day the college will try to hit that goal. We thank you for your time and consideration. 

Now we can’t wait to see how these donations will impact our students to become strong and socially conscious leaders of tomorrow!

By Maggie Cavanaugh, CEC Communications Reporter