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Honoring the Class of 2023!

Celebrating Miami University's Class of 2023, reminisce with our seniors as they share their purpose, advice to incoming students, and what they will miss most about Miami.

Follow along as we feature our seniors, and for more commencement news and announcements:

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Sydney Ring '23

Major: Criminal Justice Studies

"One thing I would definitely advise is going to office hours to visit your professor, not only to show your face so that they get to know you, but also just in the long run it will help with your course and also later in life when you want letters of recommendation."

Marcus Jordan '23

Major: Finance

"Thoroughly, my favorite aspect of my college experience has been the ability to network, the opportunities within the business school, and having peers who are as hungry and relentless as I am. As the saying goes, iron sharpens iron, noting that having a community/peers that have challenged me to become a more inquisitive student and multi-dimensional person."

Kenzie Lee '23

Majors: Supply Chain and Operations Management, Marketing

"Miami University has prepared me for my future in ways I couldn’t have imagined when I first stepped on campus four years ago. As a person, Miami University has shown me how to be a leader and how to consistently show up in places as my authentic self."

Jamie Nguyen '23

Majors: Biology and Entrepreneurship

"One of the highlights of my college experience has been the lifelong friendships that I have made. I have met so many amazing people from diverse backgrounds who have become some of my closest friends. Additionally, being part of the choir has been a great source of joy and community for me. I have also had the opportunity to pursue entrepreneurship ventures, which has been a great learning experience and has allowed me to explore my business interests."

Emmett Knee '23

Majors: Strategic Communication and Spanish

"My favorite part of my college experience has been my involvement on campus outside of the classroom. These experiences have taught me so much about myself, created some of my strongest friendships, and allowed me to create so many memories."

Amitoj Kaur '23

Majors: Emerging Technology for Business and Design, and Political Science

"Miami has prepared me to live a life I am genuinely proud of. While it seems cheesy, Love and Honor is not a phrase but a way of life. After four years on campus, Love and Honor are how I see the world and guide myself when interacting with others; this very philosophy will help me ensure a successful future!"

Brooke Begley '23

Major: Communication Design

"Miami has shaped me for the future, giving me many opportunities to prepare for success. My classes taught me all the ins and outs of design and have helped me feel confident in the work that I produce. Along with that, my internship with Miami has taught me what a job as a designer looks like realistically."

Nicolas Hollander '23

Majors: Political Science and East Asian Languages and Culture (China Concentration),
MA in Political Science

"Miami has provided me with so many opportunities that will prepare me for the future. The Government Relations Network and the Inside Washington program are the two big opportunities that took me out of the classroom and allowed me to interact with the “real world” by taking me to where government happens in Columbus and Washington. This allowed me to meet the movers and shakers of our world, meet our amazing and successful alumni, and also helped me develop the soft skills needed in law and government. That, alongside Miami’s academics, is setting me up for success after my time here, and I’m grateful for all the opportunities Miami has given me."

Kennedy Hughes '23

Majors: Political Science and Philosophy, MA/BA in Philosophy

"What I have loved about Miami the most is simply the people I have met - Throughout my time here, I have found people that will be in my life forever, and I would choose Miami time and time again if it met having these folks in my life. This university has a way of cultivating such a strong and connected community, and I wouldn't trade it for the world."