Security Check

Guests are subject to visual inspection of person, parcels, bags, and clothing capable of concealing prohibited items. Guests may refuse inspections but management reserves the right to refuse entry. Please plan to leave all non-essential items in your locked vehicle and PLAN TO ARRIVE EARLY.

Changes in national, regional, and campus security levels may affect security procedures.

Prohibited Items

As a general rule, any items that obstruct the view of other guests or that can be used as projectiles, that interfere with the comfort of other guests, or are deemed inappropriate/hazardous by stadium security are prohibited.

The following items are not permitted in the stadium or arena for the ceremonies:

  • Alcohol and/or Illegal Drugs
  • Backpacks
  • Clothing with Profane, Inappropriate or Abusive Language
  • Confetti, Streamers, Glitter, Balloons
  • Coolers
  • Large handbags
  • Mace of similar substances
  • Metal folding seat cushions
  • Noisemaking Devices (common examples include but are not limited to whistles, air horns, bull horns, blow horns, musical instruments, kazoos, bugles, cow bells, thunder sticks, sirens and boom boxes)
  • Seats that clamp onto bleachers
  • Signs, sticks or poles
  • Weapons (common examples include but are not limited to aerosol cans, mace, pepper spray, firearms, including CCW permit holders, fireworks, pocket knives, knives, spiked bracelets, brass knuckles, martial arts weapons, stun guns, squirt guns, super soakers and chains)

Permitted Items

The following items are permitted in the stadium or arena for the ceremonies:

  • Binoculars
  • Cameras
  • Cell phones
  • Clothes for weather conditions
  • Food
  • Pagers
  • Seat cushions
  • Service animals
  • Small handbags (14"x14"x4" or smaller)
  • "Umbrella"-type strollers
  • Umbrellas (permitted, but use during ceremony is discouraged)
  • Video recorders

All information is subject to change. We recommend checking back periodically for current information.