Miamians Rise to the Challenge

Miami looks to a safe, secure future marked by excellence and innovation

Miami students, faculty, staff and alumni responded to the COVID-19 outbreak, finding new ways to teach and learn, conduct research and serve our communities. Now Miami returns for fall 2020 determined to sustain and enhance the core of a Miami liberal arts education. We will serve our students to position them for success. We will strive to keep our Miami family, our campuses and our community safe. And we will create scholarship and solutions to enhance Miami’s excellence.

Read President Crawford's April 7 and May 6 newsletters for stories of Miami faculty and staff who have responded to the coronavirus challenge.

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ELearning team—In the midst of a complicated issue with one of my online courses, they stepped up and solved the issue. It took us some investigation and time, but they were professional and diligent. What a valuable team!

Mandy Stewart (MUM science lab coordinator) has gone above and beyond in assisting CHM faculty getting their courses - and, especially, their lab activities online. She has been proactive throughout the craziness and we are lucky to have her at Miami! 

Tamara Bundy has created videos in a book club format including her reading aloud her newest middle grade novel to share with students during this remote learning.

Julie Szucs (senior lecturer, Spanish & Portuguese) has been tireless in coordinating the transition and assisting her colleagues in developing consistent and effective means for continuing their courses online.  

Jennifer Kinney (professor, sociology and gerontology) has worked around the clock to make sure that our graduate students, many of whom are international students, feel safe and secure.

Jill Mignery (instructor, geology) single handedly, and with very little advance notice, turned the GLG 115L labs into remote learning experiences for >450 students.

Billy Simms, Western Center Coordinator, has kept up communications with students, including student employees who are no longer working on Western Center activities. He has held WebEx trainings and posted video messages to Canvas.

Jen Siliko, Director of the Outdoor Pursuit Center, has made 50 masks for health care professionals over the past three days out of her house.

Dr. Scott Campbell, CEC Senior Director of Technology and Instructor. From the first crisis meeting, Dr. Campbell has been on the front line of Miami's transition to remote learning.

Dr. DJ Rao (associate professor, CSE) iimmediately stepped up with a creative idea to assist the Computer Science and Software Engineering faculty. He created a tool, integrated into Canvas, that allows faculty members to grade a student's submitted program automatically.  

Dennis Tobin (ceramics) donated 6 boxes (120) N95 masks commonly used in ceramics for mixing clay and glazes from raw materials to a local emergency room.