April 2021

April 8, 2021

In Attendance:

Gail King
Cheryl Birkenhauer, Angie Coffee, Crissy Edwards, Jennifer Hicks, Emma Lester, Alicia Miller, Dana Miller Carlsen, Candace Taylor

Lauran Franklin (HR Representative),  Penny Mannix


Laura Desmond (Ex Officio), Jennifer Fox, Marla Niebling, Thyra Sens, Amy Wentzel (UPAC Rep)

Call to order

Approve minutes from February  11, 2021 and March 11
Alicia Miller called for February and March meeting minutes to be approved. Minutes were approved.

HR Update - Lauran Franklin:

  • Performance Evaluations: Will be done through Page Up beginning now.
    Alicia Miller said that all questions (specifically who’s queue it was in) were answered quickly.
  • TCP: There is not a “go live” date for everyone to begin using this currently. They are phasing in one group at a time,
  • CPAC Conference: Lauran: Was there an announcement that went out to the SATTS email about CPAC not having a conference this year? Gail said she will make an announcement.

Subcommittee Updates

Classified Staff Compensation - Laura Demond - Not in attendance.

Council on Diversity & Inclusion -  Angie Coffey - She is just taking it all in right now and learning the lingo That they use while discussing classes and mtng the criteria.

Fiscal Priorities - Alicia Miller: Fiscal Priorities is continuing to meet once a week on Fridays for 1.5 hrs. We have been working on items for the President & meeting w/ the Deans.

UPAC - Gail King (No updates, they will meet next week)

University Senate - Penny Mannix: They did meet this past Monday. She will send everyone the meeting minutes once she received them.

Middletown & Hamilton Regional - Jennifer Hicks & Dana Carlsen: They have not selected a new dean.
Jennifer: The candidates are external.  Dana attended the sessions for all but one candidate.  No one has been decided on.  Dana: When spring semester ends they will be on campus more, Jennifer agreed.

Event Planning -  Candace Taylor: See Coffee and Connect notes below.

Flyers - Emma Lester:The Pet Flyer was distributed by Gail on SATTS listserv and Facebook.

Websites: Facebook: Alicia Miller: No Updates

Discussion Topics

  • Coffee and Connect  - when to hold the next Coffee and Connect/Tpic: June? Dana said maybe what is expected of staff once we return. Angie asked Lauran if there is a specific date to return, Penny posted in the chat that everyone should be back on campus as of July 1st with all staff back on campus. Cheryl also heard from her chair that by July 1st they should be back in the office. Lauran said that may be departmental specific; however, there has not been a university date sent out.  HR is returning July 16th for example. Lauran said that the last Coffee and Connect was very informative.
  • New Members for next fiscal year - advertising -  We will send out a flyer to recruit new members to the SATTS listserv.
  • Subcommittees: New person to fill Penny’s position “University Senate” (need to let Becky Sanders know after meeting): We will come back to that. Penny said: The Senate meets every other Monday at 3:30 PM, currently on WebEx. The Senate's last meeting is the end of April.
  • CODI Rep - Angie Coffee
  • Terms ending 2021 - Emma Lester, Laura Desmond, Alicia Miller: Emma needs to think about it, Alicia will stay on and carry on with Fiscal Priorities, Laura is out.
  • Cheryl will become the President of CPAC

Future Meeting Dates

  1. May 13, 2021 8:30am-10am Zoom
  2. June 12, 2021 8:30am-10am Zoom


Meeting was adjourned at 9:00 am
Next meeting - May 13  – 8:30am – 10:00am Zoom