August 2020

August 13, 2020 8:30am

Gail welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced our guest Speakers Robin Parker General Counsel to the University and Dawn Fahner from Human resources.

The first topic of conversation was Title lX and what it entails. The processes and procedures that the University is required to follow and how these processes are implemented.

Robin also discussed the Furlough process, the University has not used a Furlough since it has been put into place. The length of a Furlough presently is no longer than five days in a row, or forty hours in one week. There is a cap of twenty days at this time, but this could be revised due to Covid-19. No Furlough can be executed without thirty days’ notice. With a Furlough the employee remains an employee of the University with reduced working time and pay. Benefits continue with the amount of retirement contributions reduced. If an employee is Laid Off the employee is no longer an employee of the University and is no longer eligible for University Benefits. The employee is eligible for unemployment benefits and Cobra medical benefits.

There will be a decision made on the return of the students the first week of September.

Lauren reported that there is Tele mental Health available 24/7 to employees thru September thirtieth, and is covered 100%. Open enrollment will be virtual and start in October, a brochure will be available the third week of September.

Cheryl reported that there was no news from the Council of Diversity and Inclusion.

Alicia reported that there will be an upcoming meeting with Provost and the President in regards to Budget and incoming classes.

There was no news to report about parking.

Dana reported that there were positions eliminated at the Regional Campuses.

Gail asked for suggestions on how to execute the Basket and fundraising due to everything being virtual. The May Conference was also discussed and it was decided to discuss again closer to November /December.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:27am