August 2021

August 12, 2021

Meeting called to order at 8:32

Introduction of New and Current members.

New members were welcomed.

First order of business was the Remote Work Policy for Classified Staff.

Marquetta Carmichael (Director of Employee and Labor Relations) addressed the issue and concerns of Classified Staff to work remote.

The Unclassified Staff currently has a policy to work remotely.

Under the current policy for Unclassified Staff, there are 3 areas of concern.

Being able to have Flexible Worktimes.

Having a Reduce Appointment, it would affect your OPERS

If they were to work more than 20 days remotely and do not live in Oxford, the City of Oxford would lose tax money.

Under the Unclassified Remote Policy, to be able to work remotely there are several steps that need to be taken.

  1. The position would need to be reviewed and approved.
  2. The name of the employee and they would need to be approved.
  3. Additional steps after that.

The requirements for an employee to be considered for Remote Working are as follows:

  1. Having been at their current position for 6 months.
  2. Be in good standing.
  3. Demonstrate that they are able to work independently.
  4. A suitable location to work.

The new policy should be available on the HR website by the end of the week.

Current policy for Classified Staff

  1. There is no policy.
  2. There is a policy being looked at and reviewed
  3. We should have more information this fall
  4. If anyone has any questions or concerns you can contact Marquetta Carmichael.

Coffee and Connect

The topic has been tabled for now, we all agreed to “Healthy Miami” at this time. Lauren Franklin will reach out to Karen Wilson for a date and time that she would be able to speak about the Healthy Miami Program.

Cheryl asked for a volunteer for Council on Diversity and Inclusion, April Turner will accept.

We discussed doing meetings in person or by Zoom and it was decided that our next meeting will be held Zoom.

Meeting was adjourned

Next meeting will be September 16, 2021 Zoom