August 2023

22-23 CPAC Member Photo

August 10, 2023

In attendance: Alicia Miller, Carley Collins, Amy Moore, Betsy Bodnar, Cheryl Chafin, Bonnie Crabtree, Jennifer Fox, Amanda Lehmann, Tonya Moryl, Timberly Revelee, April Turner, Angie Brown (Ex-Officio), Dawn Fahner (HR Representative) and Amy Newsom (UPAC Representative)

Absent: Lisa Boggs and Kelly Stewart   

Call or Order

The meeting was called to order at 8:33 a.m. 

Human Resources Update - Dawn Fahner (and Kelly Stewart via email)

  • Upcoming benefits fairs:
    • Oxford - Tuesday – September 26 – 9a to 3:30p – Shriver Dolibois ABC
      • Financial Services and Advice presentation – Shriver Heritage Room – 9a – 9:45a
      • Medicare presentation - September 26 – Shriver Heritage Room – time TBD
    • MUH - Wednesday – September 27 – 9a – 11a – Hamilton
    • MUM - Wednesday – September 27 – 2p to 4p – Middletown
    • Flu vaccines will be available during the fairs
    • The Workday team will be at the benefits fair and will have a booth if staff are interested in stopping by
    • Employees are allowed to attend during the workday without clocking out, coordination with a supervisor is required
    • Will CPAC have tables?
  • Upcoming open enrollment period:
    • October 9 – October 31, 2023
  • Annual Performance Evaluations for FY 2024 - Goal Setting will be opened within the next 2 weeks. Open until the end of Sept. This will be the last year in PageUp, next will be in Workday.
  • More education coming this fall for new employees about retirement. Will launch a pilot program.
  • Not many/if any meetings for the Classified Staff Compensation Committee.
  • Pay zone minimums were raised in July, by 1%, after the 2% summer increment pool.

Approval of Last Meeting Minutes

May minutes were approved – Cheryl Chafin made a motion to approve and Carley Collins seconded.

Subcommittee Updates

  • Benefits – Jennifer Fox
  • Campus Planning – Bonnie Crabtree
  • Classified Staff Compensation – Tonya Moryl
  • Council on Diversity and Inclusion (CODI) – April Turner
  • Fiscal Priorities – Alicia Miller
  • Regional Campus Updates – Tonya Moryl and Amanda Lehmann
  • University Senate – Cheryl Chafin
  • UPAC Liaison – Amy Newsome and/or Alicia Miller


  • Amy Moore volunteered to step up as secretary since Carley is now the Vice-Chair.
  • Alicia confirmed who will be on each of the sub-committees.
  • CPAC Website – Alicia is working on getting this up to date.
  • The group discussed having the September meeting at the Regional campuses. Group lunch?
  • 2024 Summer Conference: the group discussed possible dates. Alicia is going to reserve Heritage, and Carley is going to confirm the Crawford’s schedules.
  • JEP Points for committee members: Carley spoke with Brenda Curry who said this isn’t possible, but that Job Enrichment is going to be updated so that certain positions would qualify for credit. Dawn agrees that JE points are probably not possible for committee members, but that Dawn and Brenda have some other ideas. Carley to follow up on this.
  • Uptown Music booth: August 17th, 2023 from 7-9:30 pm. UPAC/CPAC co-sponsoring a booth. Alicia and April to work the booth.
  • Alicia discussed having possible meals or breakfast as a “thank you” to committee members for their hard work.
  • Alicia informed the group that she has obtained a list of all SATSS employees and will send out an email to the SATSS listserv with a link for them to sign up for the CPAC listserv if interested (and if interested in joining!)

Homework Items

  • CPAC booth at Benefits Fairs? Carley
  • CPAC website updates: Alicia
  • CPAC Sept meeting at a Regional campus? Tonya and Amanda
  • 2024 CPAC Conference:
    • Heritage reservation: Alicia
    • Crawford availability: Carley
  • CPAC Committee member appreciation ideas with Dawn and Brenda: Carley
  • Email to SATSS employees about CPAC listserv and CPAC openings: Alicia

Next Meeting

Thursday, September 14th, 2023 (Regionals?)

The meeting was adjourned at 10:21 a.m.