December 2020

22-23 CPAC Member Photo


In Attendance:

Gail King, Candance Taylor, Cheryl Birkenhauer, Angie Coffee, Emma Lester, Alicia Miller, Dana Miller-Carlsen, Laura Desmond Lauran Franklin, Marla Niebling, Amy Wentzell, Jennifer Fox


Approval of Previous Month’s Meeting Minutes:

Candance approved the minutes Angie second all approved

Introduction of New CPAC Member: Gail Introduced new member Jennifer Fox

HR Update (Lauran Franklin)

Benefits: Healthy Miami Wellness Visits are able to be completed through December 31st.

Health Provider Consent Form (Separate form) is only needed if your healthcare provider does not take Anthem

Health Center is moving to Harris hall from December 15th - 18th - Will take appointments at 5151 Morning Sun Road

Flex Spending accounts are use it or lose it, need to use those funds up by the end of the year ( grace period January 1st - March 15th)

HSA: Those are not use it or lose it, if you signed up for an HSA for the first time this year and have a balance in the FSA employer.employee contributions cannot be made until April.

New time keeping system TCP (January 9th/January 16th depending if you are staff or student) There will be additional email/emails to go out.

Marla - She wanted to pass along to CPAC that since the FSCRA Leave has been utilized during this pandemic per guidance from the IRS when individuals receive their W2's if that person has taken any of this, the person will also receive a letter indicating they received these funds. When the individual files their taxes they may need this letter. This letter will be sent electronically if you get an electronic W2 and hard copy if you get a hard copy mailed to you normally.

Fiscal Priorities - Alicia:

Nothing to Report


Gail King - UPAC will reach out to ppl for pictures of them with their pets

Emma will make a flyer for "submit your pet" to follow UPAC's suit.

Hamilton Campus

Dana: Nothing to Report besides looking for a new dean

Coffee and Connect:

Gail asked that people email ideas


Longevity Bonus: There have been a lot of questions regarding the longevity bonus, Gail asked that maybe HR send out communications in the winter.

Marla: They will try to send out info in the future to classified staff

Cheryl: How are we notified if someone in our office has covid?

Marla: The Butler County Health Department will reach out.

Dana said she was told the Butler County Health Department (or county you live in) is who has to tell you that you cannot work. COVID-19 email entity account:

Lauran: If you have been contacted by someone who says they have been in contact with covid you should reach out to HR even if you haven't received notification from the Health Department.

Jennifer: Another employee and herself are creators of the MU Chat page.

They created the page making it very clear that this is not affiliated with Miami.

There was an instance with an employee who was causing some issues so they had to remove him from the group and that has caused some feelings to be hurt. Meeting Adjourned