February 2021

February 2, 2021

In Attendance: 

Cheryl Birkenhauer- Vice Chair

Thyra Sens Secretary

Lauren Franklin, Angie Coffey, Laura Desmond, Emma Lester, Chrissy Edwards, Marla Niebling, Alicia Miller, Jennifer Hicks, Dana Carlson, Jennifer Fox, Candice Taylor

Cheryl called the meeting to order, meeting notes were approved.

Vaccine Program, random testing has not yet started for staff, contact tracing for Dining, PFD, CSC, and Dock is done thru surveillance. Rapid testing of staff and students is being used as swab test supply is low. This takes twenty to thirty five minutes. Lauren advised that the Covid 21 leave must be filled out through Team Dynamic.

Laura reported that no update on classified staff

Angie reported no news on CODI.

Alicia reported that Fiscal Responsibilities continue to meet every Friday. In process of meeting with Provost, President and Deans.

Jennifer reported no news with UPAC.

Coffee and Connect was discussed, Emma has a Flyer made, Chrissy is to contact Miami Matters to have posted. Cheryl will look into putting on Miami Calendar. Alicia will put on Facebook.

Alicia will be out February 25th and will return March 10th.

Chrissy is looking into giving more people access to the Facebook account.

It has been brought up by several departments when will we return to Campus and can we continue to work remotely if we chose to do so. Miami will return to face to face in the fall, it is thought that all positions will be back on Campus and not working remotely. Business as usual.

Chrissy brought up having a virtual conference in May, maybe with a half day agenda. There is a lot of work that would need to be done, do we want to do this and do we have time? Job enrichment points were brought up as a possible subject. Maybe we do a coffee and connect in May instead. Contact Cassie Wilson for a wellness workshop.

Dawn Fahner joined the meeting at 9:43. The subject of vaccines were discussed, they will possibly be available later in the spring, possibly April. Receiving the Vaccine is optional. Those receiving the vaccine first will be employees in the front line, housing, dining, police etc. Family members will not be included due to limited supplies. The Covid leave does apply to side effects from the vaccine.

Dawn left meeting at 10:00. Meeting adjourned at 10:01