CPAC Meeting Minutes January 2019

January 10, 2019

In Attendance:

Melissa Allen - Chair
Pamela Hogeback - Vice Chair
Emma Lester - Secretary

CPAC Members: Fab Bohon, Amy Corrington, Laura Desmond Cathy Edwards, Richard Kiefer, Penny Mannix, Alicia Miller, Debbie Smith, Sheila Williams

Gail King - New Member

Marla Niebling - Ex-Officio

Absent: Fab Bohon, Cathy Edwards, Penny Mannix, Shannon Schweitzer, Pat Powers

Welcome & Announcements

  • Melissa welcomed everyone.  We went around the room and introduced ourselves to our new member, Gail King.

New Member Introductions

  • Gail King introduced herself.  She has been at the University for over 30 years, retiring and coming back so she is a wealth of knowledge.

HR Updates (Marla):

  • HR Generalist position has been filled (awaiting paperwork)!
  • HR Analyst position is open
  • Sherry Shilling’s position is being filled.
  • Dietary and wellness position will not be replaced
  • Lisa Riendeau is now the Payroll Manager
  • They are working on W2’s and 1099’s to get them out ASAP.
    • You must use DUO in order to get your W2’s electronically.

Subcommittee Information:

  • Benefits - Amy Corrington: Met in December and starting negotiations with other companies.  They sent out a “Request for Proposal”.
  • University Senate - Rich Keifer: Meetings will start in February. Nothing to report.
  • Classified Staff Compensation - Rich Kiefer:  No recent meetings.
  • Council on Diversity & Inclusion - Laura Desmond: No recent meetings.
  • I AM MIAMI - Debbie Smith: Nothing to report (meetings are as needed).
  • Fiscal Priorities - Melissa Allen: They haven’t met since November.  Board of Trustees met in December; there may be changes to the curriculum, Global Plan and committees have been created for the 5 year plan.
  • Campus Climate Survey Task Force - Debbie Smith - The Task Force is meeting today (01/10), forum dates are set: 2 in Oxford, 1 in Middletown and 1 in Hamilton. During forums the committee will explain the top issues and possible solutions.
  • Parking and Transportation - Fab Bohon: Not Present.
  • CPAC/UPAC Swap - Debbie Smith: They met on Tuesday.  Debbie really thinks the fact that they have a speaker at every meeting is a good idea.  After a brief discussion Melissa agreed to try and start this for some meetings.   

Change Sessions (Pam):

  • There has been a new group formed hosted a session called “Change and how to deal with it”, Pam suggested Brenda Curry come and speak to us regarding this.

Women’s Leadership Symposium “No Your Value” (Pam):

  • April 11th from 8:30 am - 4:00 pm at Armstrong.  
  • Registration opens in February.
  • 7 Job Enrichment Points


  • We have received over 80 registrations for Strengthfinders!!!  
  • Melissa has requested a possible 2nd round of this session during spring break.
  • Melissa asked for help sending out codes and Alicia volunteered to help.
  • 67 remaining codes.

Spring Coffee and Connect Ideas:


  • Possibly later in the day?
  • Melissa is going to send out a formstack polling best times.

CPAC Conference

  • May 22nd or 23rd (need to pick a date today)
  • Begin brainstorming ideas and possible speakers.
    • “Sharpen your focus?”
  • Next meeting to form subcommittees.

Recharge Session (Sheila):

  • Sheila will be co-hosting “Work Smarter, Not Harder” during “Recharge” on the Hamilton Campus on Jan 3rd

Closing Comments:

  • Group picture next meeting, wear: red, pink or white.
  • Hope to have next meeting at the Athletic Performance Center.

Meeting Adjourned: Next meeting to take place on February 14th, TBD with the hopes of having it at the new Athletic Performance Center.