July 2020

Webex Meeting

In Attendance:

Gail King - Chair
Emma Lester - Secretary
CPAC Members: Cheryl Birkenhauer, Angie Coffey, Dana Miller Carlsen, Amy Corrington, Emily Dreisbach, Laura Desmond (ExOfficio), Crissy Edwards, Jennifer Hicks, Alicia Miller, Penny Mannix (ex officio), Thyra Sens, Candace Taylor


Lauran Franklin (HR Representative) 
Pat Powers (UPAC Representative)

Introduction of CPAC Members

Introduction of New CPAC Members

Angie Coffey - Enrollment Management & Student Success
Thyra Sens - Miami University Bookstore
Crissy Edwards - Advancement Services
Candace Taylor - College of Engineering and Computing

HR Update

Layoffs: Gail spoke to Lauran Franklin and she has not heard anything about any layoffs coming Benefits Fair: October 8th
Return to Work: July 27th - Return to Work Information: July 27h A lot of people and areas are doing different things, some are staggering days. Penny is working all day everyday beginning the 27th.

New CPAC Logo was voted for and approved

Speaker Arrangements:

Ideas for potential speakers at CPAC meetings

  • President Crawford?
  • Cassie Wilson (COVID-19)?
  • Emily has already spoken with Cassie and she has expressed her willingness to attend a CPAC meeting and discuss some health and wellness with us. Emily will speak to her about possibly attending the next meeting.
  • Dawn Fahner or Teresa Murphy regarding Employment
  • Karen Wilson from Benefits?
  • Gail will reach out to Lauran Franklin to see if she has any ideas on who can speak.
  • Someone from Staff Development? Rachael Rude, Kristen Taylor?

Subcommittee Information

Council on Diversity & Inclusion:

University Senate: Penny - Next Meeting: July 20th

Classified Staff Compensation: Laura Desmond

Fiscal Priorities: Alicia said they have met twice a week all summer

Athletics took a huge budget hit as well as Dr. Creamers office

Benefits: Dana - Needs to contact them to get starting

New Committee Appointments

Secretary: Emma is stepping down and Thyra has said that she would like to be the secretary. (all voted and approved). Classified Staff Compensation: Laura Desmond Volunteered (all voted and approved)

Parking: Angie Coffey (all voted and approved)

Holiday Project: Emma / Crissy (all voted and approved)

Event Planning: Coffee and Connect / Strengthsfinders: Emily and Candace (all voted and approved)

Flyers: Emma (all voted and approved)

Websites: Facebook: Alicia/Emily (all voted and approved)

New Members need to send in their headshots to Gail so they can be uploaded to our website

We need to do a Facebook post welcoming our new members, Emma is going to see if she can give access to Alicia and Emily. Actually Laura already sent the email to Melissa Allen.

Future Meeting Dates:

We will be meeting by WebEx unless the situation changes with covid-19 so we can meet in person.

August 13 8:30am-10:00am WebEx

September 10 8:30am-10:00am WebEx

October 8 8:30am-10:00am WebEx

November 12 8:30am-10:00am WebEx

December 10 8:30am-10:00am WebEx

Meeting Adjourned: Next Meeting is August 13th from 8:30 - 10:00am via WebEx