June 2022

22-23 CPAC Member Photo

June 2022

WebEx Meeting

In Attendance:

Andy Bechtol, Cheryl Birkenhauer, Angela Brown, Bonnie Crabtree, Gail King, Dana Miller-Carlsen, Casey Peugh

Lauran Franklin (HR Representative),  Penny Mannix


Absent: Jennifer Fox, Alicia Miller, Amy Moore, Tonya Moryl, Juanita Schrodt, Thyra Sens

Call to order

Previous Month’s Meeting Minutes were not approved yet since they have not been received.

HR Update 

We had Dawn Fahner (Assoc VP for Human Resources) as special guest at our meeting: TCP - Effective June 22, 2022 TCP is replacing the current "TimeClock Plus App" (blue and white hourglass) with the "TCP Mobile Clock App" (blue and green hourglass).

If your unit has permitted use of the mobile app, employees may download and begin using the new app now and must do so prior to June 22, 2022 in order to continue to utilize the mobile app. Announcements about the changes will be posted in My Miami, and emails.

Policy Changes

There are two policy changes that are being looked at. They will post the changes for a couple weeks and then it will move to the state level to post before the policy changes.

  • Reduction In Force – The jurisdiction will change to your own specific division. For example, the Oxford Campus Enrollment and Student Success will not fall under the President’s Office anymore, they will fall under their own jurisdiction
  • Holiday – Standard Work Week Overtime – Pay & Compensation
    • Juneteenth – Will be added as a holiday.
    • Overtime – Only straight time hours will count towards overtime. If you take sick leave during that week and you than you are mandated to work than overtime will apply.

Salary Increases Usually communication comes out in March/April but communications will be later in the future (May) due to student enrollment and the state budget. This year everyone is getting a 4% raise starting July 1, 2022. Dawn also mentioned that she is looking at the pay structure of both AFSCME and Classified staff. If any changes she is hoping to have both the pay grades and raises at the same time.


CPAC updates

Gail King and Dana Miller Carlsen are leaving the CPAC so we will be needing to fill two positions for next year. Cheryl Birkenhauer will step down as chair and Angela Brown will be the new chair starting in July.

No committee updates to report.

If anyone knows of anyone that would like to join CPAC let Angela Brown know.

The next meeting will be in August.

Meeting adjourned at 9:50am.