March 2021

March 11, 2021


Gail King Chair
Cheryl Birkenhauer Vice Chair
Thyra Sens Secretary

Angie Coffey, Dana Carlson, Lauren Franklin, Laura Desmond, Emma Lester, Marla Neibling, Jennifer Fox, Candice Taylor, Chrissy Edwards

Gail called the meeting to order. We will approve meeting notes from February 11, 2021 at next meeting.

Lauren gave update on the clocking system “TCP”. The new system has been implemented in Human Resources, Academic Personal, IT Services, and Accounts Payable. Everything is going well and TCP will gradually be phased into other departments, starting with PFD. There is not a planned start date.

There is no new news on the Covid-19 Vaccine. There is a survey being sent out to gauge interest in receiving the Vaccine and who has already received. Marla commented that a website is being put together that can upload your information.

Covid 21 eligibility. The Covid 21 leave pay cannot be used after receiving the vaccine and testing positive, persons are not required to isolate. If you do however become ill after receiving the Vaccine this pay is available for up to two weeks.

Laura reported that there is no news on Classified Staff.

Angie reported that CODI is starting to meet again. No new information.

Jennifer reported that UPAC President will be leaving and Randy Hollowell be interim President.

Candice and Chrissy reported that everything is set up for March 16ths Coffee and Connect. Coffee and Connect has been posted on both Facebook and Miami Matters. It was asked if information could be sent out on the list serve. Gail will be sending out.

Gail suggested that everyone take a look the CPAC Goggle drive.

Group pictures were brought up and it was decided due to Covid we would all send our individual pictures to Emma and she will create a collage.

The Regional Campus had no news.

We discussed the possibilities of having a Conference this year and it was decided due to Covid we would not have a conference this year, but will work on a Conference in 2022.

Laura told us about the new Employee Performance Evaluation. The new system will be on Page Up. All reviews will be done on the same timeline and template. Training will be announced for the new program.

Pet Contest is not being held in conjunction with UPAC. Emma did a poster we would like to get it out on the list serve. WE should have an answer by this afternoon. It is not going to be a contest, but will just be postings of employee pets.

Gail adjourned the meeting at 9:26.