CPAC Meeting Minutes November 2018

November 8, 2018

In Attendance:

Melissa Allen - Chair
Pamela Hogeback - Vice Chair
Emma Lester - Secretary

CPAC Members: Fab Bohon, Amy Corrington, Laura Desmond Cathy Edwards, Richard
Kiefer, Penny Mannix, Alicia  Miller, Debbie Smith, Sheila Williams

Alicia Miller - New Member
Sheila Williams - New Member

Marla Niebling - Ex-Officio
Shannon Schweitzer - Ex-Officio
Pat Powers - UPAC Member

Absent: None

Welcome & Announcements

  • Welcome
  • Totaled all of the money for the Holiday Project and the grand total was $1,838.00
  • Strengthsfinders we have 117 codes to use

New Member Update

  • Voted on new member to replace Elizabeth
  • Unanimously voted new member would be alternate, Gail King

HR Updates (Marla):

  • Benefits cost will be going up for the PPO option in January. This is the first time in 4 years that this has been raised.
    • Amy (who is on the benefits committee agreed with what Marla stated)
  • Marla will be reviewing applicants for the HR Generalist position soon.
  • Payroll Manager interviews being taken place.

IT Update (Pat):

  • New CIO David Seidl has been hired.  He comes from Notre Dame and Pat is excited to have him on board.

Subcommittee Information:

  • University Senate - Rich Keifer: Meetings will start every other week. Nothing to report, no recent meetings.
  • Benefits - Amy Corrington: Meeting to take place this week.
  • Classified Staff Compensation - Rich Kiefer:  Nothing to report, no recent meetings.
  • Council on Diversity & Inclusion - Laura Desmond: Dr. Bennyce Hamilton is the new leader.
  • I AM MIAMI - Debbie Smith: Nothing to report.
  • Fiscal Priorities - Melissa Allen: Meeting with the dean to discuss things they can save money on. Exciting new changes in the curriculum will be coming.  Melissa hopes to have a budget meeting formed around classified employees.
  • Campus Climate Survey - Cathy Edwards: Nothing to report. Debbie was asked to be on the task force (congrats)!  This will probably be a focus group.
  • Parking and Transportation - Fab Bohon: Officers were elected.  Scooters around campus was the main topic of the meeting. A few of the members are going to try to meet with the company who provides “birds” and Dr. Creamer.  Geofencing was brought up, which would continue to charge the person if not returned properly. Pat asked about operator training. Per Fab, this has not been offered and will bring up with meeting with Dr. Creamer.
  • CPAC/UPAC Swap - Debbie Smith: Business as usual.

CPAC/UPAC Meeting:

  • Debbie expressed that UPAC would like to have a joint meeting Dec 11th (Tuesday) 9:00 - 10:30 in Shriver.
  • All agreed that this was good and would be attended.

Holiday Project:

  • Wrapping gifts will take place Monday, December 10th - Thursday, December 13th.
  • CPAC will attend Thursday, December 13th.

Raffle Winners:

  • Hockey Tickets (3 sets of 2 tickets):
    • Denise Withrow
    • Rebekah Keasling
    • Karla Guinigundo
  • Miami Gear Basket: Barb Wright
  • Fireside Basket: Susan Gray
  • Gift Card Basket: Dr. Banafsheh Seyed-Aghazadeh
  • Movie Basket: Wayne O’Dell
  • Football Party Basket: Mark de Saint-Rat

Closing Comments:

Hope to see everyone at the UPAC/CPAC meeting on Dec 11th and at the wrapping for the Holiday project on Dec 13th.

Meeting Adjourned: Next meeting to take place with UPAC and during gift wrapping.