November 2019

November 14, 2019
Goggin Ice Arena

In Attendance:

Laura Desmond - Chair
Gail King - Vice Chair

CPAC Members: Cheryl Birkenhauer, Emily Dreisbach, Jennifer Hicks, Rich Kiefer, Penny Mannix,, Fabienne Bohon Lauran Franklin (HR Representative)


Emma Lester - Secretary, Melissa Allen - Ex-Officio, Pat Powers (UPAC Representative), Alicia Miller, Amy Corrington

HR Update

  • Gary Barnes was at meeting to discuss longevity bonus (or Christmas bonus)
    • Longevity bonuses to be paid the last paycheck of the year
    • Includes base rate of pay, does not include overtime or job enrichment
    • Calculated on current hire date
    • 5-10 years of service will get a bonus of 1% of income
    • 10-15 years is 1.5%
    • 15-20 years is 2%
    • 20-25 years is 2.5%
    • 25+ years is 3%
  • Lauren: New ID cards should be sent out by December 12th.
  • Healthy Miami points were due 11/15
  • Winter Break is the only time during the year that employees can take time unpaid. If do not want unpaid, can use vacation time.
  • Alternative Retirement Plan and 403B Should have received mailings.
    • December 20th is the deadline to select, if nothing is selected people will be defaulted to a plan.

Subcommittee Information - Please update the Google Folder

  • Benefits – Amy: Absent
  • University Senate – Penny: uploaded a link to minutes in CPAC folder.
  • Classified Staff Compensation – Rich: Nothing to report, haven’t had a meeting since June.
  • Council on Diversity & Inclusion – Cheryl: Have not met recently. Have a retreat in December.
  • I AM MIAMI – Emily: Nothing to report, no recent meetings. May not be an active committee.
  • Fiscal Priorities – Alicia: Absent
  • Parking and Transportation – Fab Bohon: No meetings have been scheduled.
  • CPAC/UPAC Swap – Laura: The new health center was discussed at UPAC meeting. 70 parking spaces will be lost. There will be multiple levels to the new health center. Current health center will close May/June 2020 and will be closed for 2 years.
  • Holiday Project – Emma: Absent

Team Building

  • Cooking class in philips run by Cassie and Celine?
    • General consensus was yes
    • Maybe scheduled for January

Page Up

  • Goal is to unify performance evaluations systems
  • Will be used across campus for all staff members
    • Faculty reviews will remain the same
    • Still in development stages
      • Will have trainings once development is complete
    • No current trainings for student worker hiring

Strengths Finder

  • January Strengths workshop to be in Shriver
    • Emily will plan
  • Have about 40 codes, aiming for 20 attendees.

Coffee and Connect

  • Middletown had 4 people in attendance
  • Hamilton had 10 people in attendance
  • Oxford had around 80 people
  • Idea for next Coffee and Connect proposed
    • HR to take us through Anthem’s website and how to use the tools available.
  • Webinar was suggested for regionals


  • Still waiting on UCM.

CPAC Newsletter

  • Copy of newsletter was passed around for changes & updates

CPAC Conference

  • 8-12, Tuesday May 19th in Shriver
  • Theme of Self-care
    • Health & wellness
    • Financial wellness
      • Maybe credit union?
    • Emotional wellness
      • Maybe counseling center?
    • Physical wellness
    • 3 presenters at about 45 minutes each
    • Intro with President/Dr. Crawford 30 minutes
    • Will provide breakfast

Raffle Basket Winners

  • Raised $565 on Oxford Campus. Jennifer raised $224 from regionals.
  • Jennifer also did a fundraiser including pies!
  • Miami basket winner: Ricardo Maduro
  • Uptown basket winner: Misty Barret
  • Regional basket winner: Debbie Boston

CPAC Picture

  • Pictures will be at next meeting

Will not have Dec. meeting, to wrap/sort for holiday project instead.

Future Meeting dates & locations

  • January 9th 8:30 -10 - Hughes 004- Penny hosting
  • February 13th 8:30-10 - 1022 FSB- Emily hosting
  • March 12th 8:30-10 420 McGuffey- Cherly hosting
  • April 9th 8:30-10 - Roudebush- Lauran hosting

Meeting adjourned 10AM