November 2020

NOVEMBER 12, 2020

In attendance:

Gail King – Chair
Cheryl Birkkenhauer – Vice Chair
Thyra Sens – Secretary

Marla Niebling, Penny Maddix, Lauren Franklin, Candice Taylor, Alicia Miller, Angela Coffey, Emma Lester, and Jennifer Hicks. Absent: Laura Desmond and Crissy Edwards

Todays Guest speaker is Gary Barnes. Gary will be speaking about the new time keeping system Time Clock Plus. Time Clock Plus will be replacing the existing system Kronos January 9, 2021.Gary explained the way that the new system would work, and its advantages. TCP will not allow an employee to clock in after a missed punch, allows employee to put in for sick or vacation time, alerts to missed punches, overtime, as well as allowing employee to view hours.

Longevity bonuses were also discussed and will be received eligible employees on their December 18th paycheck. Amount of bonus is dependent on length of service and pay rate. All information can be found on Miami website.

Gary left meeting at 9:00am. Gail called the meeting to order, Dana seconded.

The University will be giving employees three additional days off paid, they are December 21, 22, 23 rd . Additional information will be coming out on how to record theses days. There will be no premium pay This year, employee will receive another day off if they are required to work.

Congratulations were offered to Cheryl as she has accepted the Vice Chair position vacated by Emily.

The new member to CPAC will be Jennifer Fox. Gail will be reaching out to her for her acceptance.

Cheryl reported that there is no new information on” CODI” Angela Coffey will be taking over for Cheryl in this position.

Alicia reported on the Fiscal Priorities, Budget 101, and the 2022 budget meeting with Deans.

Due to the inability to have a Holiday Project we are trying to get the word out on how to donate this year, we will have flyers, post on Facebook, and utilize the listserv with information on how to give.

The UPAC survey that was sent out was very successful, Information submitted is being summarized and will be sent out. Dana reported on changes to insurance, all information was sent out to be viewed by employees in order to make their decisions.

Leaves due to Covid were discussed. Alicia commented that HR was doing a great job.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:30am.