October 2021

Thursday, October 14, 2021


Chery Birkenhauer – Chair
Angela Coffey – Vice Chair

Andrew Bechtol, Dana Carlsen, Jennifer Fox, Lauren Franklin, Gail King, Alicia Miller, Juanita Schrodt, Candace Taylor,


Marquetta Carmichael, Bonnie Crabtree, Thyra Sens

I. Call to Order

II. Minutes from 9-16-21 were approved

III. Announcements

Juanita Schrodt brought up the Electronic Absence Reporting – this is used by Miami faculty and staff to report their own COVID-19 illness. Lauran Franklin said it is useful when someone gets ill and they can report it right away.


IV. HR Update   - Lauran Franklin    

  • HR is working on a presentation for the ADA.   ADA is a federal law which Miami University is in compliance with. This gives staff knowledge what reasonable tools can be requested. There will be a FLMA presentation that will be available later in the year. Both will be educational tools for staff.
  • Vaccination Requirement deadline is Friday, October 15
  • Flexible Work Policy is being looked at for classified staff. Robin Parker has been working on the draft before presenting it. If approved the guidelines will fall under the same provisions as unclassified staff. More information to come. Visit the HR website for updates.
  • Benefits Fair will be held virtually. More information to come.
  • V. Subcommittee Updates

CODI – Juanita Schrodt – Shared several documents with us

  • OH HB 327, OH HB 322, CODI Sense of Senate Resolution
  • Dana Cox is working on a new mentoring program.
  • TCPL (Teaching Clinical Professors or Lecturers) has a new mentoring pilot program in ESH
  • Blind Spot Training - Prior to attending search committee training, all members of the search committee must watch/review four (4) Blind Spots Training videos.
  • HERC (Higher Education Recruitment Consortium) are working on staff committees.
  • Proctoring contract is not going to be renewed.
  • Juanita mentioned that the dates have changed for Open Enrollment to October 18 – 31 this year. Held back in case there were any changes in insurance and prescription drugs.
  1. Juanita had some suggestions for CPAC as followed:
    1. Would like to see another survey about what can CPAC help you with
    2. Create a brochure to promote CPAC and give to new hires
    3. Contact new hires and let them know we are here if any questions and let them know what we do
    4. Mentioned the TDX system (TeamDynamix) knowledge base

UPAC – Cheryl Birkenhauer –

The Annual Giving will start in November

Regional – Dana Carlsen

Anthem will be changing prescriptions that use to be covered that will not be and then prescriptions that will be covered. VPS will have additional options. Vision and Dental remain the same. Not sure about any changes to Anthem’s Health insurance cost yet. Mentioned that Dawn Fahner would like to hold off another year if possible.

VI. Guest

  • Belinda Cross joined the meeting and mentioned how the Farmer School of Business staff were wanting someone from CPAC to be a part of their committee that they had formed. They meet once a month and consist of Classified and Unclassified staff. She commented on how everyone is short staff and taking on other people’s jobs that have either left the university or downsized the departments staffing. Also mentioned how hard it is to get people to either answer their phone or email staff back.

VII. Discussion topics

  • Cheryl asked what do we do with the survey once we get everyone’s response. Will touch base on this when we feel that all the surveys are in and share with the appropriate departments.
  • The Listserv was brought up and discussed who is in charge of adding people since they only had 220 people on it. Further investigation and discussion are being done on this.
  • Lauran Franklin mentioned that there is a huge vacancy in the Dining Halls and Building Services. HR does have that if you recommend someone and they are hired and stay though their probation that you would be eligible for a bonus.

VIII. Meeting adjourned at 10:00am